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Plurality Posting guide! 

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Safety psa / poor mental health safety plan 

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Hi I use speech to text sometimes.

Please be respectful of any weirdness in terms of sentence structure this causes.

I鈥檝e sorta got a whole system account over here btw. Remade the old one XP

utahraptor was real big, y'all. this bad boy woulda fucked you up. no science to this post just if you are ever in a room w a utahraptor be careful


It amazes me abled people lack the concept that bc a physically disabled person can do one thing, doesn鈥檛 mean they can do *everything*?

Case in point. I can walk 8 miles and do 100 squats.

But if I stand up all day my toes are agony to the point I can鈥檛 focus.
My joints still fall off a bit periodically.
Sometimes my hands are nearly unusable.
Sometimes my toes are too bad to walk far.

One thing doesn鈥檛 eliminate the other.

Revoke artical 50 Brexit petition 

Watching children鈥檚 animated films. Otherwise known as time to cry at least once.

money, a more permanent fixture of a request for help 

Plurality Posting guide! 

鈥楢re you a boy or a girl鈥

I鈥檓 a dog technically


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