Adhd or ‘it’s 9:00pm time for a sudden energy burst!!!’

There’s someone outside howling and like. Good for you random person!

FREE SOFTWARE ALERT: this cat is soft but she is not truly free software. free as in beer, not free as in speech. do not adopt from the SPCA, their cats claim to be free but they all come copy protected

Now announcing The Cleome, a deaf-oriented server on Discord! Anybody is welcome to join. If you have any deaf friends or know any deaf creators, please let them know this place exists! Hearing people curious about deaf culture can join, too!

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*looks at ptl on my other instance account where I don’t hide behind 2000 word mutes*


Remembered I could control my camera with my phone…. Last one of these bastards. It’s too damn cold

ISO 800, f/4, 0.6”. Cropped slightly to center it in the frame

And stressed. But, to help destress, I've been getting back on the painting/prop horse (Not quite ready to try environments again *yet*) with... Mysterious Rune Rock.

Is it deadly? Is it a portal stone? Is it an alarm, or a ward? Y'just can't tell...

Ideinty policing based on suffering / truscum ect Show more

Also between

‘I don’t care’


‘Dear god I am not getting involved in that situation or discourse’

There’s a big difference between ‘not caring’
‘I currently lack the capacity to do emotional support for others’

Anyone got idk.

Just nice and cute things they could share plz?

One game I have a soft spot for pazare dragoon. Spelt that wrong I know.

I remember playing it on the original Xbox. and loving the concept of Evolving your dragon

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