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Hi I use speech to text sometimes.

Please be respectful of any weirdness in terms of sentence structure this causes.

Watching children鈥檚 animated films. Otherwise known as time to cry at least once.

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鈥楢re you a boy or a girl鈥

I鈥檓 a dog technically


Here's a reconstruction of T-Rex that I quite like because its so fucking chunky. T-rex had a deep powerful chest, and enormous neck muscles. And based on skin impressions either mostly or entirely featherless.

But feathers are ancestral to the group like in Guanlong a small, late jurassic tyrannasaurid from before Tyrannasaurids had an open top predator niche to fill

both illustrations by the wonderful Gabriel Ugeuto

Honestly I鈥檓 actually *good* at math.

I work out problems of space and volume really easily because I can mentally visualise it.

Same with addition using shapes drawn or in my head.

I don鈥檛 do very well at math when the aim is showing my working for no reason other then to prove I can follow orders. In what are v neurotipical favored ways of working out a problem.

I remeber as a kid I *loved* algebra. I loved the concept, playing with letters as values and meanings.

I utterly hated the joy sucking lessons that taught me to solve the equation *this* way. Often a way I found hard, difficult and unnatural to the simple ways I鈥檇 made up myself

鈥楢 Mathematician鈥檚 Lament
by Paul Lockhart鈥

鈥淭he first thing to understand is that mathematics is an art鈥

鈥淓veryone knows that something is wrong. 鈥 The only people who understand what is going on are the ones most often blamed and least often heard: the students.

They say, 鈥渕ath class is stupid and boring,鈥 and they are right.鈥

An amazing article, especially as someone who had always thought he hated math.

i haven't done any pixel art in a million years so heres some.

d&d should be free!!

if you're a fledgling d&d player or DM, and you want PDFs of all the official fifth edition WotC books, just DM me -- I'll share my drive folder with you

I love it when birds do the neck thing. They鈥檙e like scrunched up and fluffy then鈥

鈥攖heir neck extends to twice their body length like a dart.

It鈥檚 somewhere between adorable, hilarious and alien

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There are good critiques of tv cartoons shows then there鈥檚 people who don鈥檛 like a thing but watch it to be angry.

This is a bit silly

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