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Never bring a gun to a flirts fight. Swords are sexier, for one

the new Sonic Frontiers trailer 

*I don't know why that's so funny to me okay*

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the new Sonic Frontiers trailer 

Sonic opens his goddamn mouth one (1) time in the new Frontiers trailer and it's to express uncharacteristically subdued worry

you shouldnt crawl in a dungeon. the floors are very dusty and might have mold

(picture of Donkey Kong)
He's the leader of the bunch...
But do you really know him well?
(colours invert, spooky sound)

fanservice characters who are aware that they're inside a tv show (when no one else is), getting odd looks for their impractical clothing & frequent dropping of things while they do their best to keep their universe from getting canceled

"but sherlock, however did you know that the girl was beautiful?"
"my dear watson it was quite simple, once i deduced that she was, in fact, the girl reading this"

SimCopter 2: The search for more himbos

Heads-up to #Patreon creators: Patreon is going to require anyone whose page is classified as "adult/18+" to photograph an ID for sharing with some third-party tech firm:

If, like us, your page was algorithmically classified as 18+ despite containing no nudity or sexually-explicit content, now is a good time to send a support ticket asking them to fix that. Instructions here:

Mad that we had headphones for over a hundred years before thinking of putting cat ears on them

@starwall Evil characters are a fantastic place for really really fun roleplaying IFF the player understands very intimately the character they are playing, the needs of the table, and also how to make sure those collide in fun and interesting ways as opposed to awful fun-killing ways, it's a privilege that really should only be given at the DM's discretion to their most trusted players

as a general rule I don't allow evil player characters into my games. if you wanna play some edgelord dripping with bad deeds that eventually grows a heart through learning with the players, that's a fun trope and all but it's better done through the medium of books or movies than it is via a team based roleplaying game. someone who is just always out for themselves above all else, by definition, is not a team player

don't roll up batman, don't roll up the joker. nobody goes it alone in a TTRPG.

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Newly announced pokémon generations:

Pokémon: Master & Commander

Pokémon: Starsky & Hutch

Pokémon: Dungeons & Dragons

Pokémon: Crime & Punishment

Pokémon: Abbott & Costello

Vampire dude drinks from a trans woman who just took her HRT, promptly transforms into a woman-vampire. "Damn it, not again!"

Gordon, missing one hand and getting chased by a swarm of Coomer clones: "OH GOD!"

Doctor Coomer: "'COOMER' WILL SUFFICE!"

Do your eyes glow red?
Are there eyes behind your head?
Can you see me through the walls,
Or the splatters where I've bled?
Do you savour sounds of screamin'
Like a cruel, sadistic demon?
Do your eyes...

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