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If you only washed half the dishes before having to stop, you can still write "Half the dishes" in your to-do list and check that off. It counts!

Greeks: Narcissus loved how hot he was so much, he turned into a flower
me, a trans girl named Lily: you don't say

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A spaceship landed, and an alien emerged.
"We have heard of the wonders of Earth," the alien said, "so have come to experience..."
They began reading off a list.
"Chocolate. Chilis. Coffee. Cats. Cinnamon. Cloudberries."
"We have things that start with other letters too."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories

the bigger any discord server is, the worse of an idea it is to include a “vent channel”

I've been playing both Kirby and the Forgotten Land and PSO2, and my brain crosswired the two and produced a mental image of the Forgotten Land final boss with "EMERGENCY! CODE! DUEL!" and Commentator Waddle Dee as the ARKS mission control.

(My train of thought was basically "what if there was an Ultimate Life Form touhou" and the result was basically "she'd have to be from EoSD", due to EoSD being Like That)

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Embodiment of Scarlet Devil's demo was released almost a year after Sonic Adventure 2, and more than thirteen years after Battle Tendency concluded. At the very least, ZUN already made references to JJBA (or at least Dio specifically) in EoSD.

What I'm saying is, if the timeline had diverged slightly, one of the iconic recurring Touhou characters could have been titled "the Ultimate Life Form" in her first appearance.

“mia, we’re getting someone else to name the menu items at the food truck”

me, putting up the last of the signs for the “umineko no taco koro ni”: why’s that?

first you draw a circle
then you dot the eyes
add a great big smile
and presto! it's morbin' time

You're whoever your avatar is, "I'm ironically using a picture of a creepy guy from a movie" congratulations, you're that guy now

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