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AI-generated greentext 

Okay, I was going to make multiple of these, but this is already perfect actually.

Cheating Detective Satori spoilers 

I noticed that the latest chapter of the Cheating Detective Satori scanlation uses a font which is *almost* like the Yakuza font for the Jailbreak King's intro, and

Me when the delivery person misses that I put "contactless" in the instructions for getting to my apartment

My OC Ellen Kramer in a picrew! She still wears that red jacket even after she transitioned.


So. Background: many years ago, I did this Touhou webcomic in Walfas. There were numerous OCs, one of which was "Kon 'Meimu' Yakumo", Yukari's daughter (no father, she used boundary-hax or whatever).

There was also a running gag which in which characters did the "Just As Planned" thing from Death Note; I actually persuaded KirbyM to add the "just as planned"-face as an official asset in Walfas.

So here's my train of thought last night:

1. No, brain, DON'T get ideas like "make an RP character: a new version of Kon Yakumo."
2. I mean if anything, since "navy-blue" (the etymology of "Kon") is ambiguously lower than indigo and thus Ran, I'd have to give her a new name.
3. Maybe "light" in and of itself, like, "Akira Yakumo" ...
4. ...

Anime eye contact 

My review of the first eight episodes of Phantasy Star Online 2 Episode Oracle: this face Afin makes in the fourth episode. This is just such an anime.

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a bingo-sheet for RPG Maker "cliches": has a box labeled "Yuri" and one labeled "Yaoi"


Today in HD Real-Time Fandub memes: This probably took more effort than it would have just to edit the photoshop file and just change the text; however, I felt as though it was more in keeping with meme philosophy to do it this way.

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