Bad Fanon: Yuyuko is a goofball who eats everything; Youmu always has to be the voice of reason to her idiocy.

Canon: Yuyuko is actually smarter than even someone like Yukari, she just goofs off all the time because she doesn't give a shit; Youmu is an *absolute dumbass*.

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@DizzyHMuffin imo the two aren't in conflict

doing reasonable in gensokyo is a pretty dumbass move

@lioness True, but consider this direct quote from Imperishable Night:

"Oh no, Lady Yuyuko! It's completely dark when I close my eyes!"

@DizzyHMuffin yuyuko is styling on people with youmu. everyone else has an entire team, tiers of shikigami, actual worshippers whatever, she has a sword with a bobcut.

@lioness Toyosatomimi no Miko barges in to boast "Well I AM my sword and vice versa! I'm also trans!"

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