*flops down at desk in new apartment, accompanied by comical crashing-and-glass-breaking sound*


Not 100% finished, only slightly unpacked, but *thud*

ZUN announces that he's going to reintroduce an existing PC-98 character. The crowd is chanting "Mima! Mima! Mima!" The demo comes out. You play stage 2; the boss flies into view. It's Meira. She awkwardly tries and fails to flirt with Reimu, but Reimu is already with Marisa.

misinfo shenanigans 

good morning you beautiful threats to the way things were

I'm listening to the Tourian theme from Super Metroid on loop for some reason

sleep problems(~) 

should i eat something for the first time in 11 hours or should i just cry first

... I just realized I haven't eaten anything all day

Huzzah, it's moving day! I'm posting this from ... my old apartment! The movers ghosted on me.

I don't know how to flirt so I just send people [FLIRT] when I want to flirt with them

Is there specific terminology for "the niece/nephew of your niece/nephew"? As in, like ... you have a niece, she marries someone with a sibling, that sibling has a kid.

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