Hmm ... I suppose this works both as-is and reversed!

(No, I don't know why I went with SakuAli in particular.)

to me the z axis is the up axis and if you try to fight me about it I will simply say that your opinion is ALSO valid

fucked up that a good night's sleep helps me feel better and more capable of handling life

Style tip: color coordinate your formalwear to the armor plating of your heavily weaponized, five meter tall mecha

"what if instead of erasing all non-attractive women, we erased all non-attractive women and all men of any kind, except you of course, dear male reader who is the only type of reader that exists"

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as distinct from "female characters are only valuable as objects of sexuality", because in that scenario you end up with desirable female characters only being present for fan service or romance side stories while male characters do all of the plot

and this is more "we made every protagonist, antagonist, and side character a cute girl because two guys having a conversation or swordfight is too homo for publication"

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there's something that's been bugging me in the sort of anime/light novel sphere wrt the proliferation of female characters [(by? and) for male readers] that I'm having a hard time putting a finger on.

it's partially a male gaze thing, but it's also something like

characters only have value as an object of sexuality

the only sexuality that matters is [youngish?] straight male

therefore, all characters must be cute girls to be worth including

fantasy save-the-world stuff // 

fantasy setting that does have something like the Hero vs. Demon Lord trope, but it's an elaborate ritual thing? like they have a Hero mask and a Demon Lord mask and every 42 years, there's ritual where the celebrants are appointed to their roles. the demon lord always starts on the same mountain, the hero always starts on the coast & makes the same pilgrimage; they gather the same Companions, fight the same Four Generals, etc. it takes like four years.

Naru: *tries to move the plot along by suggesting that Umino see a fortune teller*
Umino: "Oh, actually, I already wrote a fortune-telling app on this fucking etch-a-sketch-looking thing." *gets creepier*
Naru: "What the fuck. No, I mean like [the new monster-of-the-week] --"

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I'm five minutes into Sailor Moon episode 2 and the only good part so far has been Naru just fucking laughing in Umino's face about his creepy romantic interest in Usagi

"may 2021: it is the fourteenth month of the pandemic. i am triz, a transsexual who streams herself solving crossword puzzles to entertain people online. in four days, i will be undergoing a breast augmentation surgery, which the state of washington has mandated my insurance cover. i check my phone and see i have a simp request on" - some bullshit flash fiction on tumblr in 2011, probably

Calling posts "toots" but like a 1930s US movie gangster.


heteropatriarchy memes: i have nothing in common with, nor do i remotely understand or attempt to understand, the only person i will ever allow myself to be with

lesbian memes: sometimes we’re too cautious and respectful and end up not making any direct moves, but the magnetic power of our attraction brings us together anyway, leading to hilarious “wait have we been dating? this is dating!” retroactive confessions

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Why are you on Masto if all you're doing is having a bot crosspost? What even is the point??

AU where "Pocky & Rocky With Becky" / "With Becky" became the &KNUCKLES meme

@LilyVers Actually hang on, it should be more like

*The Dream* with like a shitty italic font

@LilyVers Estrogen 2
Shadow the Testosterone
We Like To Partyol
Windows Silverlight
The Dream

the existence of adhd also implies the existence of ad4k

@LilyVers while of course you already know about estrone, estradiol, estrione, and estetrol, the recent synthesis of estranil has re-ignited interest in negestrogens, previously assumed to be impossible. a leading transgender molecular biochemist on a conference panel once referred to them as "the unlight glowing on the other side of darkness", and then refused all followup questions, stating that "such power is outside the remit of what we can still consider science".

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