"bid greg's blood to run" has been occupying a significant part of my mental bandwidth for about 6 years solid now

cursed OC: a tenderqueer project manager who writes emails like

any update?


gentle reminder uwu


notices bug OwO any impact on schedule

i knew the dame was trouble when she walked into my office. especially since she didn't use the door.

"always outnumbered, never outgunned" is my combat robot girl gender

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we learned an interesting thing today: apparently the reason it's common for non-native english speakers to use "sth" to mean "something", and vanishingly rare for native english speakers to do so, is because the abbreviation is used by native speakers almost exclusively in *dictionaries*, which non-native speakers use very frequently and native speakers much less frequently

the reason it's used in dictionaries is purely space constraints. print dictionaries are Big.

New type of guy: Ska-loving truck driver that instead asks hitchhikers for, "Gas, grass, or brass."

me: what am i looking for today? i seek garments that say: here i am, bear witness to my dark glory. you may either flee on your feet, or stay on your knees.

sales clerk: so… black?

me: yeah black is good

Something I think a lot about: in aviation, if you're landing through fog (or whatever), the standard practice is to pick ahead of time a hard limit for the altitude at which you'll do a go-around. If you don't see the runway by the time that altitude is reached, you abort the landing attempt -- no questions.

Because otherwise folks tend to keep going "I'll just give it another few seconds..." until they're way too low for safety.

This type of protocol is very, very generalizable to everyday life, and can make decision-making a lot easier.

tshirt that reads, on the front


and on the back


uppercase numbers are real and they will hurt you

I literally just saw someone on an anime forum explain a particular Japanese term as "the creators of this anime didn't want the religious associations of [term originating in Christianity], so they used [term originating in Buddhism]."

found some serotonin between the couch cushions and now im blowing it all on posts

this card is illegal exclusively because it has the power to take the loser's soul.

Too many suffer from a severe snuggle deficiency

"sometimes, the garbage collector collects itself"

Current Sleep Problems Report, ph(-) 

There's a tangent in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy about two warring alien races called the G'Gugvunts and the Vl'Hurgs. Both names are onomatopoeias for how I feel right now. z.z

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