sleep problems(-) 

what the games industry doesnt want you to know is that any game packaged as a game of the year edition is the same but can get you addicted to a certain kind of sadness

why bother picking a gender to be attracted to, when you can just zero in on the most dysfunctional person in a 30 mile radius and make it your life’s goal to fix their situation

oh gods, my brain is still full of useless Homestuck trivia

(Hot?) take about the term for 'person who goes to space' 

hunting my clone for sport, as she is the only human alive with the potential to best me

when chess pieces get captured and leave the board, that's an isekai

taking only cold showers and getting disappointed when it doesn't turn my hair red or make me shorter OR busty

all rhythm games with custom peripherals are basically just a more expensive kind of Bop It! 🧐

Okay, did anyone have [basically everything that's happened which was even slightly out of the ordinary since like September] on their 2020 apocalypse-bingo cards?

that one town in Austria, sex mention 

anime episode where the one with the scary face/demeanor doesn't get enough sleep and their eyelid twitches all day. the episode just follows a day in their life where everyone is more terrified of them than usual

@scoots okay but how funny would it be if competing voice assistant products would try to steal each other's prompts

"okay google,"

Alexa: *in your voice* "…shut down." *in hers* "Google can't come to the phone right now. Say 'Alexa, help' to list commands."

slipped up and called Siri "Alexa" and now she won't talk to me

feel like pure shit just want her back x

> Choose your number, from 2 to 5. A high number means you’re better at GACHA (spending money, being extremely online, optimizing the hell out of things). A low number means you’re better at ANIME (fashion, grandiose speeches, waving a sword around dramatically).

would i feel this same way if there was a surplus of options for trans and NB narratives in media? I DUNNO, BUT I SURE WOULD LOVE TO FUCKING FIND OUT

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sometimes i scroll through Autostraddle and think about how hard it must be to be a cis lesbian and be required by law to watch every piece of cis lesbian media ever made

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