💭 Breakpoint registers are just hardware accelerated comefrom.

i wonder how different the world would be if c had had a package manager from the beginning

Sometimes you just get Last Occultism in your head.

Social Media Etiquette reminder 

social media ettiquette failure, reference to homophobia 

Once again have Calamity Ganon Phase 1 in my head

btw if you want lingerie and you're transfeminine, here is a really good site/store that's not gross and actually run by trans people. they have guides on how to measure your size and everything


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The difference between a "flop" and a "floop" is that the former uses a realistic body thudding SFX, and the latter uses a squeaky anime SFX, you know the kind

Describe the male love interest in Jolene:

You can’t. He’s not described

What’s the male love interest’s name in Jolene?

Drawing a blank? He’s not named.

Jolene however has auburn hair, and emerald green eyes, and a smile like the breath of spring, and a voice like summer rain...

Hon, ditch Noname McGee, you’re in love with Jolene

Aaaaaand she probably likes you back. Why do you think she’s been hanging around you and your formless gray lump of a boyfriend?!?

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girls don't want boys girls want sea monsters

"Whoever fights monstergirls should see to it that in the process he does not become a monstergirl." — Friedrich "FritziBitziDemonKitti" Nietzsche

"Don't you miss the light?" she asked, her tail of tentacles glowing faintly in the inky blackness of these deepest depths.

I shook my head, bathing in the blue-black glow, cool and relaxed, "Never cared much for it."

She shook her head, bemused, her coils of tentacles instead of hair bobbing about her shoulders.

Everyone down here was mostly tentacles, as it turned out.

They weren't frightening at all, once you got to know them.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #MerMay #Fantasy

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do you suffer from the adverse side affects of Linear Time? do you constantly, simultaneously feel as though you ought to be 10 years younger and 10 years older than your actual age, given the amount of life you've lived? do you feel as though those around you are demanding you adhere to a physical reality you cannot feel? cannot even understand?? are you running out of time? you're not sure for what but for something, surely? join our class action suit against linear time today

calling your wife the old ball and chain not because you hate her but because it's your cute nickname for her ability to wield a flail with devastating power

Disordered sleeping 

I've been playing a lot of Black Mesa, aka It's Been So Many Years Since I Played HL1 And My Memories Thereof Aren't Usually Helpful Regardless Because They've Changed So Much

Their son shuffled his wings, staring down at the floor.

He was young for an aetherial and not yet grown into his fire. He looked like a star-dusted human with sunset-coloured wings.

'It's just that we expect you to tell us when you visit Earth,' said his mama.

'Whatever were you doing there?' his other mother added.

He shrugged, still avoiding their eyes. The feathers of his wings started to glow.

His parents exchanged a look. 'That means --'

It must be love.

#microfiction #TootFic

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