It takes a *lot* of overconfidence to make a game VR-only.

Like. "There's a fine line between confidence and stupidity, and this is nowhere near it"-overconfident.

Had lunch dad, then proceeded to accidentally dump the leftover pizza onto the pavement, wheeee .........

yeah i think cloud gaming is a phenomenal idea. my favorite part of online gaming is the lag, and i think it's a big problem that i can't also get it in singleplayer games

well, it's monday again: learn why experts are stomping their feet and whining about it

Why is it that when I read Zelda manga I usually read non-child Link's voice in like Tidus's voice or thereabouts

just read the word "twinkling" and thought "ah, a small twink" I'm logging off forever

I just saw somebody call the upcoming decade "the rawring 20's", I can't deal with this

watching a pure data tutorial that's like "the tilde symbol, if you don't use it, is to the left of the 1 key" and it took me a sec to remember that not everyone is gay


there's a fork of pure data called purr data god bless

i'm here to smooch cute queers and chew bubblegum, and i'm never gonna run out of cute queers so i guess basically what i'm trying to say is do you have gum

i'm learning about javascript toolchains and frankly the word "transpile" should mean something a lot more fun and gay

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