"Ohh, how did you realize you were transgender?"
"Well, somebody held a door open for me and said 'Ladies First', and that was that."

Every time I see a sentence that begins "somebody told me" or "someone asked" my brain tries to turn it into a verse of Smash Mouth All Star

gender affirming: finding manga tagged "josei" that I actually enjoy

gamedev, the game I've been working on (off and on admittedly) for a year (in two weeks), screenshot 

Do you ever think about how you contain enough iron to make 3 paperclips

Our CEO just referred to SaaS as "Software as a hostage" and I think that's pretty spot on.

the weirdest / most values-dissonant thing about jp "isekai" / rpg-type fantasy worlds is

that there's a category of creatures called "monsters", and goblins/orcs whatever are "monsters" and not people, and this is totally obvious to everyone that there's no meaningful difference between a goblin and a dire wolf, except goblins are is 'F' rank and wolves are 'D'. They both attack caravans for no reason other than "they're monsters".

like at least d&d "always/usually chaotic evil" (which also makes no sense) acknowledges them as people and (evil) moral agents

whereas in some of these worlds, "orc meat" is a commodity sold alongside jackalope horns and dire wolf pelts??

disordered sleeping, otc medication 

Please enjoy my new light novel, Help! I Hacked My Gender To Play Out Of Region Games But Now It's Broken And I Voided The Warranty

Everytime I see ACNH I, without fail, think: Assassin's Creed New Horizons

once the fix is in place, the unfollow messages will be interpreted correctly, but users you forced to unfollow before the fix will still be in that weird situation where they kinda follow you but kinda not

So be careful with the "followers-only" privacy level

(thanks to Claire for the explanations and to @Courgette for the french summary here mastodon.opportunis.me/@Courge that I translated)

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The issue goes something like this:

when you force someone to unfollow you (in your followers list on the settings page), a message is sent to that person's instance. But for a good while now this message hasn't been interpreted correctly, so the remote instance continues to think that this user is following you. So if your (followers-only) message is sent to this remote instance (i.e. because someone else follows you there), it will also be shown to the person that you made unfollow.

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So there's a bug related to "followers only" toots:

- a post that's "followers only" can be seen by people who don't follow you as of now
- it's a known bug, there's a fix coming github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/
- I'll post an Announcement when the instance is up to date
- the problem is on the receiving side so it won't be fully fixed until other instances are up to date
- even once the fix is deployed everwhere, all the issues still won't be entirely corrected.

She knew the advice for confronting tigers. Never look away first. But this was no tiger.

The dragon's eyes, amber with gold flecks, felt like they pierced her soul. In that moment, they knew each other.

She remembered a leaping from a mountaintop nest and spreading her wings for the first time. The dragon remembered training with a spear as a young girl and learning to hunt.

And they both remembered gazing at the stars and wishing for companionship.

#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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