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time to get up ... UPDATES FOR WINDOWS, THAT IS!

You know, there's something cozy about when a game has a vehicle or whatever which is also your home that you can customize, and/or do gameplay-stuff or subset-of-gameplay-stuff inside it.

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oooooof. Sleep badly, wake up feeling mediocre. Sleep well after that ... it takes me 40 minutes to get out of bed. z.z

hokay. time to do errands, even though I have zero spoons. yaaaaaay.

the next pokemon game will have no battling, just cuddling

trainers send out their pokes and then they just hug and snuggle each other. everyone wins

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Today, I had to shave early because the maintenance dude came in to check for bed bugs

Apparently the cleaning person saw something. And didn't mention it to me?????

the reviews are in for trans: five stars, good stuff

Not only are Chell and GLaDOS kismeses, Chell is clearly the Terezi and GLaDOS is the John. Just look at them, Chell can get GLaDOS flustered and angry without even saying a word.

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Okay, whew, I found a "generic key" and it's marked as activated now

... I bought Windows Pro *in the Microsoft store* and now it says "this copy of windows is not genuine"

"imagine writing aerith as a bottom"

- this post brought to you by lore-accurate fanfic gang

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