blugghhhh, major inability to make any kind of decisions, cannot find a burger place that does delivery

In an "end the world and turn everyone into luminous beings beyond humanity" sort of mood today.

I also kind of want pizza. Or a burger.

covid-19, Samuel Jackson 

@DizzyHMuffin Guardian: *explodes in a torrent of purple energy, hoist by its own petard*

Link: ...

Guardian: I don't hate you...

i failed to catch it on the first try but this is a price in itself #LinksAwakening #NintendoSwitch

I used the neural net GPT-2 to generate some April Fools pranks.

conveniently they're all pranks you play on yourself. or possibly solo performance art.

disordered sleeping 

Today was the trans day of visibility, but instead of glowing brightly this time around, I'm just gonna start radiating darkness blacker than the void.

vague BotW spoilers, death ment 


Guardian: *sitting around Hyrule Field*
Guardian: *detects the hero approaching, starts glowing purple*
Guardian: *Portal turret voice* There you are!

Hello, I made this helpful graphic while elekk was down , I hope that this information enriches your life.

I now feel mildly awkward about even visiting Kakariko Village.

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Mild BotW spoilers, death mention 

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... damn it, Mipha's storyline is killing me XD

It's like the thing with Princess Ruto in Ocarina, except it's not a goofy ten-year-old girlcrush with late-90's-video-game writing. I'm actually moved!

I've just reached Zora's Domain. Thus far, my impression of Sidon is "Fish Papyrus." He's almost exactly the same kind of unquestioningly believing in you, not taking you for granted, not even slowing down as he encourages you nonstop!

... And with the Linkle mod, this attitude means he's clearly drinking all the Respect Women Juice. I approve of Bisexual Fish Boyfriend.

... corollary: she would have had to put on underwear which was a couple of sizes too small before the long sleep began (or Zelda put it on her).

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