I wonder if there's some sort of Picrew-esque generator but for swords.

Good evening, I can't stop thinking about the fact that Tom Godwin's "The Cold Equations" is a second-order idiot plot (that is, everyone in the entire society has to be a grade-A dumbass in order for the story to work)

Me: every time someone calls Kirby a boy I die inside

Sam: how dare they drag Kirby down to the level of having a gender

battling online doesn't actually hurt your pokemon, you don't have to heal them afterwards

pokemon centers are single player health care

why can't i nap and play video games at the same time that's so unfair

y'all, stop calling non-furries "normies"

we have much better options out there

at the end of the movie she kisses the beast and he turns into a clown.

I wish the magical girl game with the stagnating playerbase, stalled plots, and a general lack of anything going on wasn't the only RP place I know that has "LGBT safe space" and "no sexualizing underage characters" as an explicit part of its rules

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