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The Glitched Rapahel @DiaryOfIceTea

if anyone here on or anywhere else in the federation knows of an interesting feminist articles about the internet and cyber space let me know!! Im gonna teach a class next semester about cyberfeminism and need some readings to give out!! (please boost)

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@eyal yup! Know any good articles I should check out about that?

@DiaryOfIceTea you probably have this already but I feel that Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto is pretty relevant to your topic

@roselingart I remember reading this in my gender and visual culture class!! I already have it though, but thanks!!

@DiaryOfIceTea from a cyber-in-media perspective I really like @Y3WTREE's essay on Bladerunner & cyberpunk, with a big shoutout to Xenofeminism:

@DiaryOfIceTea In fact, I've been keeping it open partly because I want to internalize the principles it cites but also because I want to go through everything in its footnotes and see what else there may be. But this is more like evaluating how you build and engage with tech vs. studies of users.

@tindall syllabus hasn't been created yet!! but i have made the proposal (it had to be approved) and the next step is the syllabus!! I'll send it to you once I get it made!

@DiaryOfIceTea you've got "DIY Feminist Cybersecurity"

The # faq from Freenode

Beyond that I only have stuff I'm sure you've seen


I highly recommend reading Heather Marsh's work.

You can find her articles here:

"Heather Marsh"