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Alright fully migrated my vent to @MemoirOfHotTea so follow if you'd like but I'll be critical about requests

hey turbotax can i count the republicans taking away my student debt repayment tax break as a "casualty or theft"?

Here it is here it comes the 22 is a bus

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banned from the boba place for repeatedly insisting that they change their slogan to "tea is stored in the balls"

i love reading economic textbooks that say

- communism can't work because of scarcity
- capitalist is the theory of distribution under conditions of scarcity
- post-scarcity is technically achievable but that would be bad becaise then capitalism could no longer function
- we need capitalism because scarcity

do you see the flaw here

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Was gonna take a picture of this sticker someone posted on the bus stop that says I <3 dick but this old lady went and sat in front of it

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just disabled protection of an excel worksheet w/o knowing the password

I mean, nobody seems to be asking why tech started hijacking attention instead of serving users' real needs in he first place (clue: profit)

Tbt when I went to that church yesterday and the priest pastor guy was like I went there but left bc I didn't like that politics like lmao