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Alright fully migrated my vent to @MemoirOfHotTea so follow if you'd like but I'll be critical about requests

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this internet is shit and i hope it mf gets sued or smth one day tbh

get it its like multiple ellipses bc that's something i use heavily.....................

fuck i just thought of another username!!! @multilipses

honeslty tbh im tryna change all my usernames everywhere to something new bc literally everywhere i have that username (except like tumblr or smth and like fb or smth too idk) BUUUT im not gonna mf change it on twitter bc honestly tbh i might just delete twitter its so toxic just knowing certain history and people are there waiting for me to find them n all idk this is some deep thinkin rn and idk just can someone talk to me on the priv plzza bc honeslty im starting to not feel ok

ok yall i made a poll (after much making of new ones bc i kept thinking of usernames tbh) and i want yall to pitch in as much as possible and vote?? boost if you want too idk i just need some sort of new username or smth plzza

im about to cry yall this is how much this username is bothering me like udk

idk i just dont wanna be diary of ice tea anymore i just

honestly tbh i should be able to sue the school for giving me this shit ass wifi connection that keeps bugging out n shit like gotdam

i honestly love diary of ice tea but theres just so much dirt and baggage and history with that username that i hate it rn and idk

tempted to change my username here just bc i got like semi war flashbacks to 2013 when i saw my username for a hot sec.......................

oh i found an answer that basically said fresh install it again................
gah fine

basically the problem is "The repository 'cdrom://elementary OS 0.4 _Loki_ - Stable amd64 (20160921) xenial Release' does not have a Release file." idk what i did wrong

hey uhhhhhhhhhh theres something wrong with elementary os and i cant figure it out like theres so many different answers and ive tried most of them and they dont work

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