hot take, politics, tech 

if you are upset that something is 'suddenly' political, then it was always political, and you didn't notice because you agreed with it.

kiwifarms, short take 

when they drove someone to suicide, one of their admins made a thread which started with something like:
"we are here to have fun, don't let your guilt over someone's death ruin that, just leave your conscience at the door"

and that is all you need to know about kiwifarms

Masto meta, harassment 

I didn't want to just boost this without a CW, but I also don't want to just sit silently while more people get sucked into or hurt by harassment campaigns built on bullshit.

You don't even have to trust eevee on this either! It's not like this is some illuminati conspiracy - KF and their tactics are public and well known. You can literally just google this shit.

Activism Action: UK Gov Gender Recognition Consultation 

#LGTQIA #GRAReform #Gender

Folks we need as many of us in the UK as possible to fill this in. There is a campaign of folks wishing to deny the rights of #trans and #nonbinary people.

ENOUGH! Now is OUR time to act.

I urge you set aside at least 30 mins for this #action

#Activism brief leaflet from

Stonewall page

Consultation due October 19

take on people's takes on federated systems being unsafe 

love all the shitty takes on twitter about how federated systems are inherently unsafe for marginalized people

also, like, federated systems don't solve ~all~ the problems, but they solve a ~bunch~..... and maybe that's enough for right now? like, incremental improvements aren't ~inherently bad~, and usually the people who are loud about them are generally... polemic about this stuff and not really tryin to Effect Change other than being ~those guys in the balcony~ in the Muppet Show

gmail redesign, rant 

Urgh, /one/ of my gmail addresses just got pushed over to the new design. I've tried my best to make a userstyle to fix what I can, but there's straight up a bunch of missing features that apparently we don't need anymore. <_<

They let you go back to the old design, but how long's that going to last? I've already said no to the new design every day for the past fortnight, and they pushed it anyway.

In case anyone else finds this useful, once it becomes forced:

Well, new account, new post!

Hey o/

* write a lot of stupid shit in Python
* spend too much time on IRC
* apparently have an uncanny ability to break stuff
* play almost any video game as long as it's multiplayer with friends
* am too shy to initiate conversation
* won't bite (without consent)
* was a user
* copy-pasted most of this from my old one because I'm terrible at this

I don't post much, but feel free to follow for very occasional tech stuff, I guess? 

Well, RIP I'm gonna miss the theme, extra characters, and motivation to practise my French, but half of my feed was users anyway.

A lot of people in the community helped me figure out some stuff about myself early on, even if I was too scared to actually interact with most of them, so I'm thankful it existed. There are probably people I'm not following that I should be, so I hope I bump into them on other instances sooner rather than later.


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