Boys with skirts.

Boost if you agree.

(yep, this is a re-edition, the first one died with my previous instance)

@rotatingskull @DarckCrystale Skants. Available in Star Trek Online! (Orion guy, far right. He also has a long coat.)

@Aznorth you think the only boys who can wear skirts are the Scottish ones?

@DarckCrystale Not at all ^^

I say that men with skirt exist already in a way.

@DarckCrystale Je vais passer en français, cela me sera plus simple.

Je dis que les hommes avec des robes existent déjà. Et que ce sont les écossais traditionnels.

@Aznorth @DarckCrystale

il existe aussi le sarong, un vêtement mixte porté par les femmes et les hommes dans l'Asie du Sud-Est -- mes oncles dans la Malaisie le portent souvent..

@DarckCrystale Fuck yes. Pants are way too over-rated. Even shorts can be uncomfortable at times.

Plus, I'm tired of the dichotomy of clothing standards between women and men. The moment men get to wear skirts, they'll get pockets, and that'll make a *LOT* of women very, very happy.

If you really think about it, the idea that only certain people are supposed to wear fabric fashioned in a certain way is kind of silly. I want to talk to whoever decided that I as a boy have to wear ball constricting fabric as opposed to fabric that would let me be freeeeee.

@fiddlersgreen322 I agree with this...
Maybe you could do the same than women who fight to be able to wear jeans and to have the "same" jeans than men (at first, "women jeans" did not have a fly so it was shitty to put on/put off -_-)?


I don't usually boost "boost if" toots on principle.


@kafkaesqueNomad or your instance don't federate with everyone? I have the same problem on web client

@DarckCrystale interesting, it showed as already-boosted to me.

Did the unboost/boost dance just to make sure :D

@DarckCrystale oh my god, i saw a lookbook on youtube once about how men could wear skirts and damn slay slay slay

@dschinjilla I'm sorry, I don't understand what you're saying :/ could you explicit it please?

@DarckCrystale (yes, this is a re-boost, the last one died with my previous instance)

@DarckCrystale as a former boy-with-skirts (and also a former-boy with skirts), i approve of this message

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