Time for (I'll pin this on my profile)

In Case of Emergency

People knowing me IRL:
:blobreach: @hundrix
:blobreach: @S18alg
:blobreach: @MrVarren
:blobreach: @Parmifer

People knowing my address and my full name:
:blobaww: @Reina@crazynoisybizarre.town
:blobaww: @shad
:blobaww: @NaHO@catboy.cafe

People having my phone number:
:blobcat: @Luern
:blobcat: @Ophelia
:blobcat: @disciple

Don't hesitate to post an ICE message yourself, it allows us to be sure you are fine if we are really worried about you. 💙

@DarckCrystale this is great! :D

it's unfortunate that that hashtag is overwhelmed by another also-important emergency-thing now even if it's specific to one nation x"D

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