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Meds in case of need 

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Médocs en cas de besoin 

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Time to go / again!

I'm a white woman, 26 years old, whateversexual, poly, definitively not furry (like all the Fediverse right?), with blue hairs. I'm French but I can talk in English too (with tons of errors).

I like most of the things that are eatable, most of the human who are human, and I have a tendency to crush on everyone I am close to. I do a lot of * pat pat *.

Please don't hesitate to tell me if I am unsafe or if you think I should rework my behaviour! :blobheart:

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Time for (I'll pin this on my profile)

In Case of Emergency

People knowing me IRL:
:blobreach: @hundrix
:blobreach: @S18alg
:blobreach: @MrVarren
:blobreach: @Parmifer

People knowing my address and my full name:
:blobaww: @shad

People having my phone number:
:blobcat: @Luern
:blobcat: @Ophelia
:blobcat: @disciple

Don't hesitate to post an ICE message yourself, it allows us to be sure you are fine if we are really worried about you. 💙

Allez, cadeau aux gens qui sont pas de pipou : vous avez jusque midi pour me poser n'importe quelle question et j'y répondrai ! :blobuwu:

By the way, schizophrenia isn't treatable.

No, seriously, no medication helps with schizophrenia.

Anti-psychotics treat only that symptom: psychosis.

Schizophrenia is much, much more than that, and the way your schizophrenic peers need your help is so much more than you probably think.

je sais que le principe de ranger une pièce c'est retrouver des trucs qui n'ont rien à faire là et que tout le monde a déjà vécu ça
mais je viens quand même de retrouver un fossile dans ma chambre

quels prénoms vous lui donneriez

j'ai jusqu'à mon anniversaire pour décider son prénom

Too good not to share. This guy's laugh is contagious!

Apple Engineers Explain $999 Mac Pro Stand

I found this image on internet
chitter space programme
they explore the chitterverse

I literally cannot count how many bi girls I know who drop not-so-subtle hints on the daily. I see you. I see all of you. Come to me my children.

Also shout out to all the closet bi girls this month dropping hints with memes!!!!! I see ya.

Asking for Money :boost_ok:​ 

J'ai envie de m'acheter des extensions de cheveux bleues, genre des mèches amovibles. Quelqu'un connait assez le truc pour me conseiller ?

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