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I know, since few monthes, I often propose to mutuals/fediversers to poke me if they need money.

That's because I won 4900€ the first month I worked as a freelance, then ~3000€/month. With the gov paying for me most of the taxes I should pay, I have a lot of more than I need to live, right know. I am able to save between 1000 and 3000€ per month until febuary.

I never had so much money.

If I can help you, please ask, I don't want to be rich while you are in an awful situation.

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Pour me joindre en urgence, vous pouvez me poke sur @MaCasquette qui est connecté sur mon téléphone
(j'ai pas pu connecter Y_Y)

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Time to go / again!

I'm a white woman, 26 years old, whateversexual, poly, definitively not furry (like all the Fediverse right?), with blue hairs. I'm French but I can talk in English too (with tons of errors).

I like most of the things that are eatable, most of the human who are human, and I have a tendency to crush on everyone I am close to. I do a lot of * pat pat *.

Please don't hesitate to tell me if I am unsafe or if you think I should rework my behaviour! :blobheart:

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Time for (I'll pin this on my profile)

In Case of Emergency

People knowing me IRL:
:blobreach: @hundrix
:blobreach: @S18alg
:blobreach: @MrVarren
:blobreach: @Parmifer

People knowing my address and my full name:
:blobaww: @shad
:blobaww: @NaHO

People having my phone number:
:blobcat: @Luern
:blobcat: @Ophelia
:blobcat: @disciple

Don't hesitate to post an ICE message yourself, it allows us to be sure you are fine if we are really worried about you. 💙

Your house is overloaded with books. What do you do?

You have Adoptive Muscle Memory. Whenever you see someone do an action you can immediately recreate it. You use it mostly for card tricks and martial arts. This all changes when you watch Avatar: The Last Airbender.
#writingprompts #writing

Me, throwing away all my clothes: Marie Kondo

Me, shaving off my eyebrows: Marie Kondo

Me, driving my car into a lake: Marie Kondo!

Me, burning down a prison: MARIE KONDO

What are the functionnalities you would like/find useful in a mood tracker app? :chaos_emerald_blue:

Boost and answers appreciated!

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Je profite de la petite marrade actuelle pour rajouter un truc.

Quand vous faites de l'humour et/ou du sarcasme dans les convos de gens que vous ne connaissez pas, ou peu, faites en sorte que ce soit flagrant ou précisez-le. Ça coûte rien et ça évite à la personne des angoisses ou incompréhensions inutiles.

Signæ quelqu'un qui n'ose parfois pas répondre parce qu'iel ne sait pas comment interpréter le ton d'un toot.

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Les gens qui jouent aux sims comment vous rendez vos parties intéressantes / quelles sont vos astuces pour pas vous lasser ?

Wow, the government is still shut down? Quick, lets make our own support structures and organizational body and when they try to re open we say "Naw, we don't need you, we got this."

moi : *vois un truc à moitié fait*

Tiens, une âme en flemme est passée par là

l'art de la communication avec ses professeurs, a novel by me

"Mais que fait-on aujourd'hui Lulu?"
"Mais comme tout les jours , on tente d'ouvrir des pots de confiture !"


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