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okay so like,

i just want to move the sly repl at the bottom in place of one of the magit buffers, like so

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Tasteful nudity 

Hey fedi check out this incredible shirt we got

this came to us in a vision after waking up from our first sleep in like 30something hours

transmisogynist bullshit on fedi 

incredible how TME people, even TME trans people, just view transfems as valuable solely for the labor they provide. it's like how cis men view cis women, but they can pretend it's ~progressive~ now that trannies are the focus of it.

if your primary view of transfems is as a source of labor, you are a transmisogynist, no matter the empowered girlboss spin you put on it

this is an outrage. they can take our cum, but they can never take our freedom!

we made our computer pretty

i3-gaps + polybar + kitty

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