we are extremely worried about UK terf shit coming back home to roost stateside. this was the plan all along, US fundies launder their bullshit through gullible bigots elsewhere so they can manufacture consent for our extermination everywhere.


ofc the media here is just as addicted to bothsides-ism as the UK media that enabled this shit over there in the first place, and it's going to get people killed, mark our words

anyways, arm trans women, physically confront terfs, call out their disingenuous lies and dramatic false equivalencies, otherwise the body count will only continue to rise.



on that note, if any transfems want us to do a video chat firearm safety training, we will provide that service for free. we are familiar with both handgun (semiauto, not revolvers) and longarm (AR15), and can teach basics for either or both. we can also give purchase recommendations for different situations (everyday carry, home defense, organized community defense, etc.)

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