fursona lore 

when mel was young and still thought she was a boy she got made fun of a lot for having pink fur and hated it, but now she loves her fur to death

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fursona lore, medical mention 

shes a trained street medic and always carries a first aid kit with bandages, disinfectant, eye wash solution, narcan, an epi-pen, and other medical supplies

fursona lore 

she's had her patched up denim jacket for years, and wouldn't part with it for anything in the world

fursona lore, unsanitary kinda 

she's freegan, which mean she'll eat anything as long as it comes from a dumpster or is stolen (and vegan when it comes to purchased items), and her goat stomach helps her process even dumpster food that's kinda iffy/going bad

fursona lore 

i just realized that in the only clothed art of mel she's wearing blue clothes so its now canon that she always wears light blue so her clothes and her fur combine to make the trans flag colors

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