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on that note, if any transfems want us to do a video chat firearm safety training, we will provide that service for free. we are familiar with both handgun (semiauto, not revolvers) and longarm (AR15), and can teach basics for either or both. we can also give purchase recommendations for different situations (everyday carry, home defense, organized community defense, etc.)

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fursona lore 

when mel was young and still thought she was a boy she got made fun of a lot for having pink fur and hated it, but now she loves her fur to death

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fursona time! 

This is my fursona! her name is Mel, she's a pink goat lady who's trans and gay as hell. Sometimes she carries around a baseball bat to fuck up any transphobes who get in her or anyone else's way.

caela like boys. most of the rest of us dont. what a dilemma

sometimes we think about joining a discord for a video game and then we remember the time we joined matt lowne's discord only to get called slurs and yeah we'll pass thanks

cats are wonderful if only they didn't use their claws on their people ;-;

pretty fucking cool how there's like a dozen of us in here tbh

bass guitars are for hot girls sorry we dont make the rules

musicians have all the right ideas:

- cables and connectors are all big and chonky
- things are built to last more then like 5 years at most
- innovation is actually cool and interesting new features for stuff instead of just cramming as many processors and microphones into something as you can justify so it can spy on you more
- if something is popular they keep making it exactly the same for decades and decades

also don't get on people's ass for saying they hate men. just dont.

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our hot take of the night is when transfems say shit like "trans men have male privilege," they're expressing a clumsy understanding of transmisogyny and the correct move is to give them better words to describe the material difference in oppression they see rather then just berate them over it and shut them out (in itself a transmisogynist response)

i s2g our cat just sits on our keyboard to get attention sometimes

yes there's ppl here who use they! outside of your fucking little west coast enclaves! big fucking surprise! fuck you birdsite!

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we are once again asking northerners to be fucking normal about kentucky for 10 fucking seconds

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several dykes in a trenchcoat's choices:


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