Lewisa is our resident, a kind of Manx that has a naturally bobbed tail!

She's very upset about keziah moving in. Its gonna be a hard week.

Gaze upon my kitten and despair.

Keziah, the lykoi!!!

If I scroll my phone, I can see the page below it.

This site literally had me waste my bandwidth and gate me because they don't ship to my country.

It claims you can "explore" their stock. You can't. that's a product page.

Fuck you. Let me use the website or don't waste my bandwidth.

The Register makes signing up to its junk much more tempting than others.

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Pet photos!

The crab's name is Big Crab, we have a smaller one. Called Small Crab.

The lizard is nugget.

They stretch their leggies out real far

Fig. 1 - lizard that fell on me while I was leaving the house yesterday.

The dropped tail wound was fresh - I think he got caught in the door?

Its spring so they're out and about again. Looking forward to.summer when the house will be crawling with babies.

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