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Its been a year so re- time

Music, Movies, Microcode.

I make incredibly dumb jokes and while I don't talk about it much here I spend a lot of time analysing fiction, especially horror.

I bitch a lot about my job, apologies in advance, and most of my toots are replies I think.

I like security as a field, mechs, and monster hunter.

Spent a weekend getting paid what I make in a fortnight working on a prototype of something interesting.

Then I come back to work and its like

Why this job?

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Lewisa is our resident, a kind of Manx that has a naturally bobbed tail!

She's very upset about keziah moving in. Its gonna be a hard week.

This is now a cat mastodon account

You have been warned.

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Gaze upon my kitten and despair.

Keziah, the lykoi!!!

Someone applying for an opening for a senior dev at my company had a resume so bizarre I don't know what to make of it. They've spent the last decade making random shit for SL and the only thing they've contributed to in the VCS they linked was an impeccably documented, extremely flexible fuck-animation system for SL.

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Boost this to instantly become gay and gain 5 skill levels in Programming

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The internet basically proved ads are not cost effective so entire content-producing industries collapsed and now they're trying to become more efficient by gathering and selling all your info through ads spying on you, but the saddest thing is that info is worth, in total, like $1.12.

And we all chose this because early internet was like "wanna pay $1.12?" and everyone was like "lmao, no."

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Conspiracy theorist creates and deploys chemtrails to mind control people into believing in chemtrails

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:battery_low: : posting an update
:battery_full: : posting the same update twice in different ways after forgetting that you'd already done it.

Meeting was not arranged. Instead I was berated by proxy.


I (contract designation: web developer) am to meet with an angry investor and explain why I'm being blamed for our hardware team not knowing and refusing to learn how coin-ops work.

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