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Its been a year so re- time

Music, Movies, Microcode.

I make incredibly dumb jokes and while I don't talk about it much here I spend a lot of time analysing fiction, especially horror.

I bitch a lot about my job, apologies in advance, and most of my toots are replies I think.

I like security as a field, mechs, and monster hunter.

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Cadence of Hyrule is pretty good.
So is Kerbal Space Program.

Thats every Gaming Opinion I have for my last absence. Thats it. Thats all of them

One day I'll have the cognitive capacity to code outside of work again. Until then I'm just gonna have to keep shitposting.

Problem: I'm running VTM 20th edition combat tonight. I get the system, but hate combat. The party has brought friendlies along.

Solution: Fuck it, get drunk and throw the monster together!

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I need to perfect my skills. It isn't boring.

— Eral Titthalònul, Fishery Worker

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you work sixteen hours and what do you get,
another day older and more technical debt

Keeping warm this winter by the absolute lack of heat dissipation in my laptop.


Style guide note:

All comments! Require two to five exclamations!!!!!

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why date me?
- creator of mstdn-ebooks
- uses 24 hour time
- strives for inbox zero
- can install arch linux
- good at mario kart
- knows a lot of keyboard shortcuts

For the first time in three years we got bonuses worth more than a $20 Coles Gift Card.

I'm still a little irritated about it all, but the timing is good.

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Spent a weekend getting paid what I make in a fortnight working on a prototype of something interesting.

Then I come back to work and its like

Why this job?

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