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Its been a year so re- time

Music, Movies, Microcode.

I make incredibly dumb jokes and while I don't talk about it much here I spend a lot of time analysing fiction, especially horror.

I bitch a lot about my job, apologies in advance, and most of my toots are replies I think.

I like security as a field, mechs, and monster hunter.

From last night. Australian green tree frog.

Death to videodrome. Long live the new flesh.

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The best comment on the Bitcoin crash that I have ever read and will ever read:

"why is it still going down

why hasn't the government done anything to stop this"

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I'm not allowed to DJ because I "can't just play every BRMC album back to back"

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@troubleMoney another counterpoint: if you were homeless, you'd need a smoke and a drink too

Every couple of weeks I find another @sargoth to follow

Driver this morning: extremely loud misgendery (how many guys you know named $(REDACTED) my dude?) White boy upset about crypto and literally listening to Joe Rogan as he pulled up.

My god.

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If I scroll my phone, I can see the page below it.

This site literally had me waste my bandwidth and gate me because they don't ship to my country.

It claims you can "explore" their stock. You can't. that's a product page.

Fuck you. Let me use the website or don't waste my bandwidth.

This was regarding the possibility of people modifying our "proprietary system" (literally a box with projectors) because the computer powering it is running windows.

"Its like those farmers hacking their vehicles, there are complexities there."
Trying so hard not to laugh at the guy in my office attacking right to repair

Fallout 76: apparently just... Terribly lazy. 4/10
Mothman: good, sweet, lets you know before disaster strikes. 11/10

So if F76 has Mothman, it averages out to 8/10 in a part of the map like that one spot in the pool where the sun is hitting it just right to keep the water warm and 3/10 everywhere else because everything is worse without mothman.

The Register makes signing up to its junk much more tempting than others.

John 'Definitely Killed A Guy' McAfee,

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It's the gender reveal party. All your friends and family are there. There is much merriment and talking as you and your loved one are buttered up. But finally, the big moment has arrived.

The entire party watches the balloons descend, watching for the puff of pink or blue...

... and watch, horrified, as they see green. Black. Silver. Purple.

"What does it mean?" your party cries.

"That it's too late," you both howl with laughter, as the doors lock everyone in.

An ongoing bug I'm having is because struct.pack is interpreting the integer 10 into the newline literal.

I know it's not just 'making it so its prettier' because its fucking with my serial interface.

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