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Its been a year so re- time

Music, Movies, Microcode.

I make incredibly dumb jokes and while I don't talk about it much here I spend a lot of time analysing fiction, especially horror.

I bitch a lot about my job, apologies in advance, and most of my toots are replies I think.

I like security as a field, mechs, and monster hunter.

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China tricked me with violent clowns into watching a movie about rock paper scissors

It wasn't bad, but super flashy

Turns out my "play extraordinarily poorly and tilt the opponent into submission" tactic works in chess tournament play but not Go

Starting a fight at the gender reveal party because the cake wasn't feminine enough

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heyyy uh

quick reminder

ESR took a cool counterculture and got his shitty right-wing UNIX ideology all over it—he's not just a bad person, he's a exceptionally bad historian and you shouldn't take his word for anything, the jargon file that he "curates" reflects nothing like an actual 70s/80s programming culture.

here's a pre-ESR jargon file for reference:

Coming up on Mastodon's Meme Of The Nanosecond

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All working with python has taught me is that every language is uniquely terrible in new and exciting ways.

Currently reacquainting myself with romanticised samurai for a legend of five rings game. Tonight it's Sanjuro!

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I started a fist fight. I have no regrets.

— Unib Shorastikud, Planter

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reminds me that I was commissioning a series of pinups with one of my sonas themed around various alcohols.
I should start that again.

Bonus round: replace adjacent stations' programming too so they change the channel to the same show

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