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The massive SSD swap did the trick - down to a 6-hour planet convert-and-import from 20.

Making numbers change is Good .

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This is my new favorite thing I've ever made

786gb of SSD Swap across 6 partitions. :yell:

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okay iโ€™ve given capitalism a fair shot can we try the next option

Spent most of the day optimising convert processes of an entire openstreetmaps planet dataset to pgsql. Pretty sure we've dropped under the 18 hour import mark.

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I watched the last Jedi last night and

I really wish it was

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BREAKING: #eff #fail at ssh, advice everyone to switch to #telnet.

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Organic artisanal silicon valley encryption

Please cease using open source encryption and move to good, wholesome, silicon valley VC-owned encryption. They have your best interests at heart, dontcha know.

Let me make my display name the entirety of my RSA public key

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@galaxis @rysiek Actually, to clarify further: poor HTML parsing and poor error handling is to blame.

Even when rendering HTML, #Mailpile is not vulnerable as far as I can tell.

We sanitize the content so their malformed snippets get cleaned up and we check the GnuPG error codes so their gadgets will fail.

I need to write a boasting blog about this, this is actually a resounding endorsement of why baking security in from the start matters.

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