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Iris, in: Panic! At the kernel

Please buy my battle royale shooter. It's like PUBG but the circle is always small and focused around custom-built arenas, so you don't waste any time, and there are loads of guns lying around, so you'll never have t— alright, I just reskinned Action Half-Life, are you happy?

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Hey LazyDon tooters!

I need to deploy stalkerware to up to 150 devices, preferably with bitlocker revocation. Anyone got any suggestions? Currently looking at exo5, Prey, or just finding a way to constantly broadcast a machine IP home so we can run PShell scripts on it (worst case).

It's Logging and auditing software bikeshed day! Watch as my department talks in circles about ManageEngine, PRTG, Security Onion and librenms!

In what is not news to anyone who hasn't already decided "fuck the poors", universal basic income doesn't entice people to quit their jobs and actually /increases/ part-time employment rates:

me: C has too many brackets
Python: *exists*
me: no not like that

someone once said modern art is art that can make you feel emotions just as strongly as classic art but you can no longer explain why

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*catches bug*

mew >:3

*eats bug*



when @chr finds atrocious bugs in software, does that make it chrnobyl

I can't believe I typo'd in this, the most important toot

This is my mech

I'm [REDACTED] and I'm a jerk who keeps escaping my quarters!!

Godot is kind of a fuck on small displays and that's making laptop work mildly inconvenient