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pretty soon I will have my compressive clothes, as on the pictures but black with pink stitching ^w^

Hardly thinking of changing this Firewire port (the one at the right of the pic) by an USB C port

That was gross and energy-consuming but I'm well progressed on the restoration of this keyboard for its sale :3

Aaaah, this famous french meme :blobcatcoffee:

From: Anarcho-Autonomous Rioter

Hey individuals!!! What's up? With my colleagues wed be pumped to join a highly mobile group for the purpose of overthrowing the state, fucking the cops and committing property damages! When and where do we meet? Do you have any photos for helping??? :p

big leather shoe 

I remembered @1200bps 's post about making stompy boots less cop-looking

And I also remembered that I have that nice paracord spool with the trans colors (Blue, pink and white)

I'm very pleased with the result :3

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