selfie / eye contact 

I took this selfie this afternoon, I really like it

I just found this in my stuff, I haven't touched it in years

I play PICO-8 games on it

yeah okay

can you send me a DM? :blobwoah:

as requested in my bio :blobwoah:

good robot, you have done your job properly *pat pat*

there is... an ant... next to the ESP8285 🐜

so where is the anthill ??

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yeeeee :blobcatboo:

let me flash this with tasmota then enable mqtt :blobcatcoffee:

made-to-measure compressive clothes are a great tool to reduce my sensory -related fatigue and increase a bit my proprioception

Are compressive clothes, which improve proprioception, considered cheating in video games? :blobthinkingcool:

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