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yeah okay

can you send me a DM? :blobwoah:

as requested in my bio :blobwoah:

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hi there :ghost_owo:

so hum my english is pretty basic but eh, i'm here to learn

i'm shy but don't hesitate to come talk with me :blobcatblush:

look at my bio for more details about me

my main account is @oniricorpe

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Fediblock pedo instances 

One of these gratefully left their public timeline open to everyone and rooted out their entire network.
There are either explicitly pro-MAP or have loli porn.


selfie / eye contact 

I took this selfie this afternoon, I really like it

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and it's live on Steam now too! I'd probably buy it on itch anyway though because itch is so much better

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yoooooooo's new game is out!! did the soundtrack and it owns!!!!!!!!!!

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Here's my portrait of @kaerhon probably finished! (image hidden because eye contact)
#mastoArt #traditionalArt #art #portrait

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#florespondence #gardening @plants

This is Physalis alkekengi, more commonly known as Chinese Lantern or ground cherry. The gorgeous orange part is the ripening seed pod.

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#re #introduction

I'm Julia. I'm 34, a translator and I get easily annoyed by small, inconsequential things. :fingerguns:

I like crafty things, arty things, video game things and more. I hesitate to be more specific because thanks to hyperfixations the Hobby Du Jour switches all the time.

I have a bunch of mental health issues (depression, social anxiety, agoraphobia, newly discovered ADHD and likely ASD).

I'm also fat, fun, fmart (let me have this) and German.

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thread of three comrades who need financial help after being arrested for peacefully protesting at the Black Lives Matter protest at the Met Gala

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If public funding for the arts is a way of ensuring artists can survive and thrive while enriching culture for everyone, NFTs are the mirror-universe evil twin, a way of securing funding by pandering to unthinkable egoism that's directly opposed to the public good

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NFTs are such a perfect distillation of capitalist brain poison, the idea of "ownership" stripped of all pretense of use-value and made into pure unadulterated wealth signaling. Paying money for literally nothing other than proof that you paid that money.

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Instance block recommendation, pedophile, zoophile, graphic descriptions of CSA in receipts 

If it's not already done I recommend blocking hentai dot baby for being a nest of pedos[1][2][3] and supporting "paraphilias" such as zoophilia[4] and ""minor attraction"" (i.e. pedophilia).


[1] The first "testimonial" they have on their "about" page is a link to a GRAPHIC post from one of their users (image 1).
[2] Their pleroma front-end background image is a bunch of scantily clad young anime girls
[3] They state themselves that their rules are based on those of another instance, pedo dot school. Name is explicit enough.
[4] One of their rules openly welcomes pedophiles and zoophiles (image 2)

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I'm stuck in the "I want to sleep but I completely forgot how to do it" mess

please send hugs

I just found this in my stuff, I haven't touched it in years

I play PICO-8 games on it

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