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hi there :ghost_owo:

so hum my english is pretty basic but eh, i'm here to learn

i'm shy but don't hesitate to come talk with me :blobcatblush:

look at my bio for more details about me

my main account is @oniricorpe


as will close soon, this account migrates to @CyberSaloperie :goose_peek:

seeya :purple_sparkling_heart:

Lazyweb, please recommend good blog software that has the following features:

* Self-hosted (and supports being hosted in a subdirectory, e.g.
* Supports Markdown and converts it to HTML on page load
* IS NOT just me editing static files directly

New release annoucement! October 31st!

Head over to and follow my profile to be notified when it drops.

This is going to be my first release on #Bandcamp and I'm pretty excited about it! I worked on this over the past two weeks. It's a fairly short record, clocking in at 33 minutes sharp, and considering how fast the production cycle was, I'm very happy about it!

Price: 4€, before tax
Genre: Drone, Noise, Ambient

Heyo, fellow wheelchair users!

What are your tips, solutions, and setups for anchoring your wheelchair in your car's trunk when it's too spacey to not move around when you're driving ?

I have little to no support in my trunk, but I have some room where I plan to set up custom anchors specifically for the wheelchair (to more easily load/unload it), but I don't really know how to do it yet...

Boosts appreciated 🥺

Hello everyone! Very proud to announce the release of GoToSocial v0.5.0 Sonorous Sloth. This is the sixteenth alpha release of GoToSocial! :go_to_social:

Some highlights:

Custom emojis are now supported! You can upload custom emojis via the /api/v1/admin/custom_emojis endpoint. See By default, the size limit for emojis is 50kb to conform with Mastodon, but this can be changed in the config. In future, you will be able to upload / remove/ update custom emojis via the admin panel, but for now you must do it via the API.

OpenGraph meta tag support! When you link to a GoToSocial status or profile, it will properly serve preview information.

Custom CSS is now supported for user profiles and statuses. If your instance has accounts-allow-custom-css set to true, you can set custom css for your profile and statuses through the user panel – see

GtS can now deliver messages to shared inboxes. This has significant performance improvements when you’re followed by lots of accounts from a single instance with shared inbox support (Mastodon, Misskey, etc).

Avatars of unknown accounts are now shown as cute little GtS sloths in client applications.

Rate limit middleware!

Loads of bug fixes.

And more!

For more details and release downloads, please see here:

When upgrading, please pay attention to the migration notes in the link above ^

Thank you to all contributors, testers, and everyone who made donations to our Liberapay and OpenCollective !!! <3

All documentation for GoToSocial can be viewed here:

Two tears in a bucket, fuck it.

Our Instagram account has been Zucked under the guise of "promoting dangerous individuals and organizations." Our last post was promoting a mutual aid event in Portland.

Please encourage your friends to add and follow us here - let's build up this space.

I don't know where to move my English account as my instance will soon be closed :<

later alligator, game rec 

later alligator is on sale on all platforms!!!!!!!! for 5 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!

it's one of my favorite games ever, brimming with love and charm and so funny i had to stop to catch my breath at times

please play it!

This can be useful if you want to print many drawers in 3D, but without spending a huge amount of money on filament

The files are not free but it's fair

Fast-print modular storage drawer system

Hello! We just made a second release candidate for GoToSocial 0.5.0.

This release candidate fixes a small issue that was preventing emojis + attachments from federating to remote instances properly sometimes.

If you’re a GtS admin, it would be great if you could try it out and let us know if you see any problems :)

Thank you! :go_to_social: <– if you’re on the latest GoToSocial, or Mastodon, and can’t see that emoji, that means there’s still a bug ;)


transphobia, racism, kiwifarms, anti-"woke", loli, free speech, claims covid conspiracy people are victims of censorship, SJWs should be shot etc etc etc

instance here

warnings for all kinds of awful bigoted stuff in the images!

bad post here (image 1)
bad post here (image 2)
awful bigoted essay here also - the whole website should be blocked

Good morning sleepy heads!

We just made the first release candidate for v0.5.0 of GoToSocial 🎆

Docker: superseriousbusiness/gotosocial:0.5.0-rc1

This one has a bunch of fixes and new features:

API rate limiting.

Initial version of custom emoji support 🦥

Performance improvements with domain block caching.

OpenGraph meta tags when linking to your public GtS posts.

Optional custom CSS for profiles: see here and here.

And more!

If you’re a GtS instance administrator, it would be fantastic if you could try out this release candidate, and report any bugs you see with the new stuff :)

Big thank you to all contributors! <3

What is GoToSocial?

GoToSocial is an open-source, ActivityPub compatible, federated social media server. It’s easy to install, lightweight, and perfect for small servers 🦥

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