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Gonna revisit my old account here real quick to announce the release of Dates & Wires, our first visual novel/dating SIM based on Drugs & Wires the comic! :purple_sparkling_heart:

The only reason I know it's a Wednesday is because I've got a comic to update. New Drugs & Wires page where we're finally catching up with Fixer and Shitparade :D

Alternate universe where I can draw Daniel wearing suits to my heart's content

Wow this magazine cover I found sure looks interesting...if only i somehow had the full thing :blobthinkingsmirk:

Wake up, sleepyhead. Drugs & Wires is back and its time for all of our favourite characters to resume their suffering!

2021 has only just started and I've already drawn a mildly horny Megamind fanart

Hmm let's see if cybre will let me upload an image this time

Anyway, i've had a very relaxed NY break with family where I got to draw a whole bunch of Fire Emblem fanart and that was good

Um. I guess this is my idea of "treating myself to a fun drawing after doing all these commissions"
(mild nsfw?)

Got to do an album cover for @lastfuture 's upcoming album which was great fun :) Will probably plug it again when it's out! Still taking on commission work for 2021, and would love to do more covers and illustration.

In other news Drugs & Wires might be on a break, but my collaborator Io wrote up some excellent (and topical) extras for everyone to read.

Since cyberpunk is A Thing People Talk about, Blue Pill Arcade PDFs are on sale for the rest of December!
Love story. Silly, sad, down to earth and very 90s. 18+

If anyone's looking for some illustration/merch design before the end of the year, I'm pretty free and my bank account is pretty empty, so..hit me up?
mary. safro@gmail. com

Well, this is it. Final public update for 2020 and I really like the note we're ending it on. Thanks to everyone who's been reading commenting and supporting us, it means so much, especially this year :)

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