Hey, so, since Mastodon's been amazing to me and probably the main drive force behind the recent pin sales, I'd love to give back a little. I don't have a ton of money (shop/patreon are pretty much my only sources atm) but I'd like to donate $50 between, say, 5 servers that are struggling just as a test for now?
Paypal only, sorry i'm not one of the cool kids :( If you're an admin of a masto instance or would like to nominate one, DM me!
(got covered already, of course)

(liberapay links are fine too! They accept PP. As long as I can find where to put my money within my 10 second attention span, we're good)

@joshua could you tag an admin or someone who can give me their paypal info?

@Cryoclaire This is such a nice thing to do! I don't know whether mastodon.ART @Curator is struggling, but always nice to give a heads up in case they want to see this ❤️


I was going to recommend @Curator as well. They run a terrific haven for artistic types.

@Cryoclaire @Curator

@GigaByte4711 @switter ah sorry i've already donated to 5 servers this time :) I'll see about doing this again next month or whenever i have spare cash!

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