To anyone asking me how to get these - these will be available in my shop very soon! I just need to count them all up and stuff (there's a lot so it will take a while) stay tuned!

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@ansuz I designed & ordered these from a manufacturer for my Kickstarter/shop! ;0

@Cryoclaire oh! Well, hell yeah! they look great and ... I still want them.

That "Task failed successfully." one just kills

@ansuz I need to go through all of them and count how many I've got left for sale, but I'll make an announcement as soon as these are available :D

@Cryoclaire @ansuz it'd probably interesting which manufacturer that is .. I've recently seen Strange Parts' video about metal etching / cutting business cards, and decided I want in, too.

@ginsterbusch @ansuz i worked with PinGameStrong who's a middleman, but you can also work with Chinese manus directly - people don't like revealing their sources usually, but you can find reviews on the PMR: Pin Manufacturer Review group on FB.

dis great fun, yaman!
/me alway wanted to carve an xterm.

Wow! All beautiful! I love that "Task failed successfully", reminds me of my favourite error message,

Error: Success!

@Cryoclaire -nervously scratching at the desk in a snapshot of a montage of many bored/anxious looking poses-

@lastfuture If that's about the pins, they're available now :D Though might take some time to post as i'm fulfilling my kickstarter too

@Cryoclaire I just realized they're actually available. I'll place my order, then continue my waiting montage :D kickstarter fulfillment always has priority.

@Cryoclaire @megfault I will pay money for the Winamp pin! How can I get one?

@Cryoclaire @megfault ah. Found the shop, now it just needs to be open for sale :-)

@Cryoclaire I bet that digging icon stands next to the spinning hot on fire icon in things that appeared on 80% of the web in the 90's...

@Cryoclaire As I betray myself by calling them "icons" I'm not that old O_o

@Cryoclaire those look great, I can't wait for them to show up in my mailbox from the kickstarter :)

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