Ok I didn't get much feedback on birdsite, so I'm gonna try here. Could anyone recommend me cruelty-free/eco friendly skincare/cosmetics brands? Like LUSH, but...not Lush.

@JonossaSeuraava @Cryoclaire yeah, I was going to say LUSH too. That's who I use. They're damn expensive but the products are good.

@puffinus_puffinus @JonossaSeuraava Yeahh if I don't find anything good enough to replace it i'll go with Lush as my sister really liked the store and i need a gift for her, but I recently read a thread about their treatment of sales staff + photos of bath bombs arriving to the stores in plastic and was a bit 😬 (though I probably use plenty of stuff that's a lot less ethical daily lol :I )

@Cryoclaire @JonossaSeuraava I they're pretty good, certainly better than many other brands, but also they likely work hard to maintain that image, which is not quite the same as the genuinely *being* good.

The staff I've interacted with appear to be cheerful and happy with their job, though I don't know any particulars.

@puffinus_puffinus @JonossaSeuraava Lush employees are always lovely (too lovely sometimes when you just want to browse the damn shop :'D) but that thread had many employees complaining about being mistreated. Trying to find it now but I can't :/ Admittedly it might be just separate instances seeing how lush has a shit ton of stores worldwide but idk.

@Cryoclaire Was it a genuine apology, or was it another cosmetics joke? I dunno. Make up your own mind.

@puffinus_puffinus @JonossaSeuraava

@Cryoclaire "the dirty vegans" are quite good if my memory serves me.

@Cryoclaire Uban Decay was but got bought by Loreal, they may be still but parent company isn't. Stila is cruelty free.

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