Tired of being asked to fix peoples’ computers? Usagi is here to help.

10cm vinyl sticker now available in my shop:

@Cryoclaire is that just the screencap or did u redraw that cryo !!

@skelltan I redrew it! Got some progress shots in my media here somewhere :)

@Cryoclaire I don't normally put stickers on my laptop, but this is very tempting...

@Cryoclaire Buying one as soon as I have somewhere to put it :p

@TheGibson you're putting up new stickers on your laptop, maybe you'll want one of these :blobthinking:


Not MY style, but I did get one for my daughter... big sailor moon fan, and hacker in training. :)

I bought a couple of others from @cryoclaire for myself. :)

@Cryoclaire i absolutely adore the use of classic anime subtitle style text here

Image description 

@Cryoclaire @revenant ugh I want a new notebook so I can buy this to put on it

@halcy @Cryoclaire if you really appreciated the sticker you'd put it on something that isn't a computer

@revenant @Cryoclaire i’m not sure i own things that aren’t somehow computers

@revenant @Cryoclaire this was a joke but god I looked around this room just now and there really is a baffling amount of things that are computers

@Sylvhem yeah, hopefully^^
I'll keep the tab in my favs, I reaaaally want this sticker lmao

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