I would love to do a screenprinted run of these if enough folks are interested 👀

Contacted a couple of screenprinting places since I can't do this stuff myself yet (but hopefully in the new year!)
One is local, the other one did WIREHEAD shirts so naturally I'm inclined to go with them again if they ship here.Just need to get quotes and figure out how much money i need to raise :0

@Cryoclaire On t-shirts? I'd so have that on a fitted t-shirt!

Image description: on black background, a shiny eye in a triangle with witchy lines in it and below it says "Witchcraft Online"

@Cryoclaire I want one that has the eye inside a philosopher's stone with "Alchemy Online." The triangle and circle are already there. It's just a short little jump....

@Cryoclaire i know at least like five people who would absolutely buy this on a shirt

@Corvidae oh, I'll have to keep it monochrome if it's screenprinted. More colours would be cool, but too expensive for me at this point

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