Looks great! And it worked. I have less money than I did a few minutes ago, but soon stickers will fill that void. (hello, void)

@Cryoclaire for a minute, I thought there was nothing there on the spot on the left above the windows logo, because I guess my brain is used to ignoring the mouse cursor shape on the screen @u@;

@Cryoclaire ordered (:

Could you share the SVG or PNG for the less meat more 1337 shirt (not the poster one) ?

@tx thanks! I could share a png but not at print res.

@ajroach42 @AceNovo Thanks for recommending :) I just saw that you're looking for a holiday gift, please keep in mind that the shirts in my store (with the exception of WIREHEAD) might not get to you on time - however, the things I stock at my house - books and stickers should be able to make it fine!

@Cryoclaire Oh damn! I'm gonna spend again some money...
I loved so much my D&W pack, but I wanted a few more stickers... Here they are! :)
Thank you for your great work!
/cc @rick_777

@skynebula @rick_777 thanks for your support! Just packaged everything, will hopefully ship tomorrow :)

@Cryoclaire I love the aesthetics of this design!

Somewhat reminds me of the old xbill game :crt_w_prompt:

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