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FYI I'm not too picky about the follow requests I get but I'm wary of default accounts with no posts or profile pics or any history. Pls be a real person if you wanna read my locked posts :'D

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Hey, so I'm finally open for commissions and will stay open until i hopefully find some kind of stable gig! but in the meantime rent still needs paying so if anyone wanted a profile pic or their favourite character or anything else, hit me up :)

24 hrs later: actually, i would very much like to be cured and numbed

Does anyone know if like parodies of those insane DEA badges can get you in trouble? I wanna make one about art theft :p

last night when my boyfriend got back and i only communicated in grunts, made no eye contact and made some horrid inedible food, then just gave up and locked myself in the artcave for the rest of the night, i'm a very cool person to live with

my ability to flip flop from morbidly depressed to hella inspired and back multiple times a day is disorienting at times
I don't wanna be cured or numbed, I just want to find the kind of life that works for my stupid brain so it can thrive as is

I'm running out of most stickers but im gonna PLAY IT COOL and wait to see if stickerapp has deals. I love love love stickerapp, they have tons of shiny materials, teh stickers feel sturdy and they deliver very fast

my single smart braincell: wait till black friday deals start to stock up on merch

i wish StickerApp did discounts for ordering multiple designs, my shop would be unstoppable

heyy its my bday
im old and sad but people keep telling me 30s are the best so here's hoping

Trying to reverse-engineer the plot by nailing the ending and there was a lot of sad stuff at first but I just came up with something hilarious and involving aliens and i think working on this bit first is gonna be a great tone-setter

I also kinda want to explore moving to a new place (or a whole ass planet in this case) for your partner and struggling to make it all work because i guess that's pretty close to home and i'm one of those narcissistic fucks that just can't not self-insert their issues into their stories?!

I know what I want as a setup, so maybe i could do some concepts, draw the first 5-6 pages and see if i can...gasp..pitch it to someone. Never had that opportunity with D&W stuff.

thinkin about my space girlfriends comic again, but as always, coming up with a long form story is a pain. But I also don't feel like collaborating with anyone.
I don't want it to be super heavy, but also not so sugary and plot-less you don't feel anything. Also wanna mock billionaires making space colonies a bit, i guess. But mostly i'm just excited to try a simpler art style and a Y2K aesthetic

захотелось снова завести уютную жжшечку на русском

"Киберпанк, который мы пропустили"
-статья про интернет 00х с грустным концом, а как же иначе

Starting to get invested in this whole space gals bored in space thing.
I'm thinking area51 memes and y2k aesthetic

I kept trying to tweet about how I live on another planet now (Even though it kinda sucked with not a lot to do)
I think what my brain is trying to tell me is that I'd rather go live on Mars in a tiny sleepy town where my only hobbies are Marsian vaping and riding the tram up and down the high street than stay in Dublin
(crossposted from twitter because I can't stop thinking about the Boring Ass Space Colony)

I had a very intricate dream about moving to a colony on Mars.
- the sky was beautiful
- running was really hard
- I picked up some kind of Marsian version of vaping
- the whole thing ressembled a decrepit UK high street but with lots of 18+ shops. Also vape shops.

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