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Hey, so I'm finally open for commissions and will stay open until i hopefully find some kind of stable gig! but in the meantime rent still needs paying so if anyone wanted a profile pic or their favourite character or anything else, hit me up :)

"ah yes, the freelance work I've been struggling with is finally out of the way. Now I can do the thing I've been thinking about all day."
*proceeds to stare into space*

i love getting so stressed out/excited about ideas i can't get anything done, very productive

i have this BRILLIANT IDEA about ordering a pin to be produced in 2 parts, the main dialogue window and a button, and the button wouldn't have any posts so i can stick it onto the main pin with some glue or something, hence having a 3D BUTTON ON A PIN, but can you glue metal together? even if it's really small, thin bits of it that shouldn't be under any stress anyway

It's been like 18 years and I still want a big Gorillaz animation thing that isn't based around shilling a product. If only i had millions to donate to the cause

i went to an LGR channel and searched for WINAMP and found nothing, so I maybe it's not his thing after all :v

_fantasizes about sending her pins to LGR when they're out_

oh no did I toot this out loud

emailed. The worst he can do is say no, right? :v (at which point ill start emailing some Chinese manus directly for this pin because honestly...i've seen some of them offer it and i want that engraving...)

Then again, i am about to hand him thousands of euro, am i not? Damn why am I always so afraid to bother people, this isn't gonna be helpful.
...I've read the interview with the Studio Cult owner and she was saying how finding a manu who does exactly what she wants is hard but she wouldn't settle for anything less and THEIR STUFF LOOKS GOOD. I WANT WHAT THEYRE HAVING.

I want to ask my pin guy if they do laser engraving on the front of the pins so I can get that text to look EXTRA CRISP but I already sent him so many emails

Cryo relayed

Talk about cultural differences. I'm glad the tattoo artist that called my arms dinky that one time was UK-based

I blinked and we're funded and into our second stretchgoal WHAT

Started digging through my designs from earlier this year to see if I can come up with more sticker ideas as stretchgoals for the KS

Just realised I never posted my Kickstarter draft here:
I submitted it for a review late in the week so it got stuck there for the whole weekend but fingers crossed i'll get a response tomorrow! Can't want to launch it. I might tweak rewards a little.


I know the universe is trying to teach me a lesson about patience but I'm a very dense student

there is a keytar-shaped void in my life, i can feel it despite unlearning how to play piano years ago

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