Work Reminder 

Have an appointment on Monday. Come in early for setting up new office for transferring guy.

All the coworkers are leaving early due to the holiday.

Meanwhile I'm sitting here like "nah, I have stuff to work on."

22 minutes and 6 people already have come to talk.

People who won't take 2 seconds to actually read, and just ignore what I say. These people annoy me greatly.

Guess who forgot that she had scheduled plans today?

Yep, again.

When the work email for one of your businesses gets suspended because it hasn't been paid since October.

Welp, this'll be a thrilling meeting to have on Monday. "Hey give me 215$ to pay your bill."

I learned over the years how to read blurs, and just decided that I saw them as blurs but it was fine. My family was adamant also that I was just fine, so I never questioned it. For context, I was able to read novels and retain their information easily in spite of my vision issues.

Then over the years, it has gotten worse, constant headaches, or waking up and my eyes just hurt and burn. So I finally last year broke down and got checked and got glasses.

They do help, but they make me dizzy because I can suddenly see differently, the way I have had to spend my whole life is off, and such. So I get agitated.

After that, I take them off, but then it comes back, so I put them back on.

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Eyes hurt so I need to wear my glasses.
But then my glasses make me feel a bit dizzy since I never wear them despite how I have to.
Then I take them off and my eyes hurts.

if you get abducted by aliens, be sure to tell them what a good job they're doing. no one ever tells them that and they are trying their best

i especially like the second one because it's from streets of rage remake, where one of the special attack is literally the cops helping you by shooting a rocket that defeats every enemy on the screen


the father, son, and holy ghost of "iconic quotes from retro video games" that are completely made-up.


I'm supposed to be physically moving to work on an office's computers, but I can't be bothered.

I'd rather just work remote.

Q: What does a Russian sysadmin say when the network is down?

A: Nyetwork.

Some guy brings me three laptops that some kid of his friend from his church reset and "put something on it" before saying how the kid is some tech genius etc.Already am getting annoyed at these implications.

They're just laptops with Mint installed on them. That's fine and all. The kid forgot to give the guy the passwords to log in.

The net weavers say they can hear distant galaxies singing into the void

I am sitting in my office as soothing jazz instrumental is playing on my speakers.I have nothing to work on, so I am passing the time by reading.

I have truly forsaken myself and fallen into the coldest pits of despair.

Character types I will always have a soft spot for:
* Autistic coded mad scientist
* Bully that grows and becomes a fan favorite (surprising everyone)
* Eternally optimistic cinnamon roll
* Divas with chaotic energy
* Plz step on me hot lady with unfathomablely large big dick energy
* Refined fem lesbian
* Robot
* Chaos Chaos Gremlin

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