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The true dichotomy of life.

Awake, and Awake but with the eyes closed.

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I am sorry, but I must come clean.

I am not my pet cat who is sitting on an IBM 5155 knockoff.

I am the IBM 5155.

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Put your hair up, wear your generic gray hoodie, and go on out

To those on the council, I put forth the following motion: meow.

I wonder if a .mission domain exists? I could make a news site calls trans.mission

when the haters* tell you to stop shitposting on mastodon


Chronic Pain, Gloves 

Ended up talking to someone who recommended a pair of fingertip-less copper infused gloves. My opinions on the infused aside they praised the gloves for being tight without killing circulation, so I should be able to use them without issue.

Will find out when they get here

any app that adds itself to your startup queue without your consent should be considered malware /hj

If you're worried your sarcasm might be too ambiguous, just include the word "totally" in there somewhere. Or just say it's sarcasm. Or say "not to be sarcastic but" if you wanna go for irony points. Or add "/s" to the end like the geeks do. Or use the interrobang in place of a period, which one glorious nerd proposed as the sarcasm punctuation mark. Typography is fascinating!

Alternatively, we can all live without sarcasm. You know what we can't live without? Communication. Assholes who say you shouldn't communicate unless you understand all the intricacies of everything involved are the worst kinds of people.

This is why we can't have nice things: 28 android apps downloaded over 10 million times found to contain malware

And then people wonder what's the difference between downloading from Play store vs #fdroid. Not that the latter is perfectly secure either, but I trust it many, many times more. "But isn't it just about ads," they ask. That's just the tip of the iceberg!!

#security #android #malware

I didn't take time to learn more Python yesterday because I was overwhelmed, but I will today! ☺️

#GoogleTranslate (#PRISM)
#YandexTranslate [tax(profits) →Putin’s war]
#DeepL (shares sensitive txt w/tech giant; misleads ppl about it) (shares sensitive txt w/tech giant; no privacy policy; solicits trust w/buzz phrases “libre”, “free & open”)
🤷 (FOSS frontend; still Google)
🤷 (no privacy policy but no evidence of mishandling data either)

Running locally:
#ArgosTranslate (EU funded)

Chronic pain, requesting info on gloves, :boost_ok: 

Hand pain is getting worse, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for fingerless gloves I could get? What does anyone here use?

My job consists primarily of typing on keyboard and phone, hand-writing and occasional ASL, so I need something that could help there?

Thank you

I got called in on my night off to work a double because my coworker refused to come in.

I am understandably infuriated.

selfie ec 

your fave fears the old blood or whatever i havent been paying much attention

i rule the homestuck, guy

i decide who kins what and where they do it at

cyberdecks seem like a recipe for neck strain. I would rather something that has a long poseable neck with the screen on the end so I can put it right near my face. a cybergiraffe if you will

Do not buy red dye hummingbird nectar-- it can make them sick. The best thing to do, according to certified wildlife rehabbers I worked with, is to add boiling water to sugar to make a simple syrup: 1 part white sugar to 4 parts water. Change it every few days & refrigerate leftover syrup to use later.

Bring loitering back. If you're going to be on your phone all day, at least take up space.

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