Seems like Zinc Bromide batteries are becoming extremely popular among the DIY crowd

Unlike LiFePO4 batteries, they're ridiculously cheap to make yourself and unlikely to catch fire. Downside is that it's a liquid battery and takes up more space than even old school lead acid

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Me: I need to finish these reports before 8AM and there's not a second to spare for distractions

Also me: I need to research Zinc Bromide batteries because I can totally build those in my kitchen

Has anyone ever discovered this sleep thing? I'm trying to find it without much luck

"And what did you do during the lockdown?"

by the_data_department

Now for time consuming work. Then sleep? Maybe nah

People need to learn social cues. If I am wearing earbuds, and reading, stop asking me questions, especially ones like "Who are you?" or "Why are you in my house?"

Last day that I have to be at the office 3 hours early. And I am exhilarated to know I'll be able to sleep again.

Well the news is fucking terrifying and soul draining as usual

Spent some time researching licenses again, trying to find something I'd be happy using: Conclusion: I'm not destined for happiness.

I need a song that goes "My mother saw my tits and she was afraid" or something similar.

I'd be happy to go back to work in an office environment, as long as I have my own desk in my own office with my own restroom and kitchen, of course — oh! and I'll need to keep that commute under a few minutes and will be playing industrial at top volume exactly half the time while demanding complete silence for the other half

Did you do anything to take care of yourself today?

behind every great piece of software is a great enby who somehow ends up on my mastodon timeline

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