Work convos while waiting on people to log into their users

"I mean, I know I could make a manual directory, and then go into the registry to point it, but that is just too much work."

I.T. coworker: "Yeaaaa I thought about that once too, sadly that is as crazy as trying to just reset their passwords or even setting up a temporary roaming profile. Sadly the only solution is waiting."

"Isn't the entire reason we have remote access onto every computer on the facility and a MOE to have high speeds from across the state due to us being unable to wait?"

coworker: "Yea pretty much."

Network switches 

Very curious that the effective response to a global crisis is to stop all the shitty parts of capitalism as quickly as possible. Suspend rents, interest, loans, provide people with healthcare, and the ability to get food. The host body is in trouble and the parasite ceases

Trying to explain to a client that to see why her desktop randomly won't pick up ftp scans from her printer scanner can be because of anything, and that I need to see it happen in the first place.

Every time I go there it is working without issue.

"...As far as I’m aware, Waterfox has never been listed anywhere as a privacy tool, and rightly so. It is a privacy conscious web browser. Some users seem to have taken news of Waterfox’s funding to spell the end of what Waterfox never was; I just hope people keep a level head and try and rationalise things. There’s nothing more I can do in that regard, I am only human."

The community killed the goose that laid the golden eggs

In that regard, I'm glad Mozilla is as dense as it is sometimes

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From that same blog by the author:

"I never wanted Waterfox to be a part of the hyper-privacy community. It would just feel like standards that would be impossible to uphold, especially for something such as a web browser on the internet. Throughout the years people have always asked about Waterfox and privacy, and if they’ve ever wanted more than it can afford, I’ve always pushed them to use Tor. Waterfox was here for customisations and speed, with a good level of privacy."

Good level = none

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Me : "Oh ffs pulseaudio why are you fucking everything i can't listen to music from mpd"

Also me : "Oh wait, i muted my speakers

Ĝenerale hodiaŭ belis la tago kaj klare videblas, ke la naturo nun iom post iom revekiĝos ĉi tie.


@cypnk just start calling the entire internet the Dark Web, it'll be effective and hilarious

"Your baby monitor shouldn't be connected to the Dark Web"

"Going out for coffee with a cute girl I met on the Dark Web"

"These fruit snacks I ordered from the Dark Web are delicious, wanna try?"

N̴̢̓o̵͓̾k̵̀͜i̶͈̎a̸̻͝ by Rakan Khamash. Throwback to a classic scene in the original Matrix, this is the Nokia 8110. The original version of this phone didn't have the spring loaded mouth piece, but I'm glade they added it for the film

Finding fresh spruce needles in the jars and soil, I am worried that the overnight sprouts of several plants withering and dying.

Five monitors, and I use them for diaspora instances, emails, and facebook. And then 2 pis, one for weather the other for watching TV on Kodi.

Dino 0.1 is released! 🎉

Dino is a secure and open-source application for decentralized messaging. It uses the XMPP (“Jabber”) protocol and is interoperable with other XMPP clients and servers. We aim to provide an intuitive, clean and modern user interface.

Release blog post:

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