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@BestGirlGrace They sure unbroke that diamond. Kind of a plot point, that one.

pretending to be in 2010 and also not like ginger ale 

@BestGirlGrace 2010 speaking- This may be an epic win of a joke but also I like Ginger ale gimme gimmeeee

Who wrote 2.5k of her fic in one sitting? This goop

Who wrote 2.5k of her fic in one sitting? This goop

still in monsterfucker mode 

@fluxom_alt Extremely responsible of you, an inspiration to us all 😤

Serial Recruitment? Don't you mean 'pay it forward?'

kissing, girlbulge, kissing girlbulge, implied maidification 

by special request

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Ep 3 of centaurworld answers the eternal question "How would a horse wear pants"

@skaryzgik I run a magical girl fusion TTRPG- rules are going in a PDF sometime this week! It has a few inspirations from SU but quite a few other things, thanks for the kind words!

What's more gay than two magical girls? Them fusing into one tall gay mess of a magical girl. And ofc they get all warm fuzzy about being each other's crush at the same time.

@BestGirlGrace Big Shampoo just trying to keep mech pilots down and sell more hair product :angery:

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