anyone else on here not seeing any images anymore?

all of them are gone. icons, images form other instances. we ran out of image juice

How do I report this it looks like the last similar issue happened here 165 days ago if I'm reading the timeline at @chr right 😅
(hope I am not just pinging about a recently know issue and reading it wrong)

The same images I can see from my account but not from's interface, including the calico screenshot I uploaded here


what is cybre.ams3.digitaloceanspaces. ? that's the specific site that there seems to be an issue with. All the media as loaded on links to there like , and I can't bypass that to wherever its actually hosted

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I don't know enough about how hosting a mastodon instance works to really figure out what the problem is but I do now know it's only on my end apparently 😭

Suddenlink is resetting our router cache and now we have 0 internet 😔

It didn't but it's definitely something on suddenlink's end because this time they gave me a page saying suddenlink detected a possible security issue with the site >:(

no one has good experiences with suddenlink but they're literally the only isp where I live

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