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here's how I see my "soul-shape" if you wanted to know what I mean by my actual shape as a siren!

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I remember when I was a kid I just used one pokemon and got super overleveled, then I got older and found out that good players use a team of balanced pokemon, and then i started watching speedruns and learned that good players just use one pokemon and get super overleveled

If You Are Lgbt Or Claim To Support The Community But You Do Not Stand With Wlw And Trans Women Then What Are You Even Fighting For

retoot trans pride birdo and i will personally come to your house and shake your hand

wow um
i am having lots of fun with aesprite
its my kenku druid boi, Penscratch
he's got a lil friend with him :>

"But corax, what about the fish men that fill in your map?" I understand that explanation is less easy to find but it's implied they're cursed people turned into fishmen and made to live in the unlivable sea to fulfill a duty as payment

Sometimes I see people complaining that "the world flooded, so the zora went on land and became birds instead of fish" makes no sense and those people are Fools that missed that nothing can live in the Great Sea except monsters. They had to leave the sea to survive

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Also there's a direct sequel about him which afaik the only other link that's true about is oot link (who is also the link in majora's mask) and that's actually just like, half of oot link since they did weird time stuff with that one

WW link is the best link because the story of someone who wasn't chosen and proves themself to save one dear person is always better than the story of The Chosen One, Reincarnated Hero of Lore

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Margaret: i have this dog, who is both long and good, and it needs a name

This is Coffeecaat's Umur, a web developer dragon I painted for a Secret Santa exchange on Flight Rising. If you look at his glasses, you can see Umur is developing his own dragon bio.

#frfanart #fanartfriday #fanart #flightrising #dragon #mastoart #creativetoot

Food inspections in the USA haven't stopped and there is not currently any significant danger. Don't fearmonger.

I finally finished the wrinkle in time research and got my celebi!

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