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here's how I see my "soul-shape" if you wanted to know what I mean by my actual shape as a siren!

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Queer update: I'm feeling abundantly and invincibly queer.

It's Ada Lovelace Day!

Fun fact for those of you that don't know:
There is a programming language named after her. It's used mostly in life critical systems, because it is one of the safest languages to write code in. It's actually the language that I use at work.

Ada Lovelace:

Ada the programming language:

[Excited bird noises]
I'm gonna go to a concert with my fiancee tonight!

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reminder to everyone that you can totally ditch your family if you want. there's nothing special about them compared to other people

an acabus is a device for counting law enforcement officers

Just came across this older Goodra drawing (from my daily Pokémon draws) and thought it still looked good, so reposting ✨

when justin is talking about cooking in taz I have no idea if he's saying real things or complete nonsense

norma deplume is a well designed character because she's fat and also stylish and her emotes are entertainingly exaggerated in the usual style of ace attorney and her being fat isn't to make her look funny or gross it's just part of her design.
make more stylish fat characters where being fat isn't a flaw or a reflection of them being gross

good morning

please CW your doom and gloom

rattling folks doesn't make them more able to act, it just rattles them

thank you

Feeling some “eff you, Columbus” energy? Throw some cash to the Franklin Hiawatha encampment (homeless, mostly indigenous, folks in Minneapolis)

It's Indigenous Peoples' Day here in my state! You can celebrate with me if you're in the US, or anywhere else that has been colonized.

Reply to this with whose land you're living on and if they have a website, a link to it! (if you don't know whose land you're on, might be able to help.)

I'm on the land of the Duwamish and Suquamish and you can learn more about them from their websites:

just learned that a number of cities have renamed Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day and I'm 1000% good with that

Whenever a bug flies around my head my instinct is to cover my head with my hands and arms and move my wings to wave them away and then it's like "ah, yes, spectral wings can't shoo physical bugs"

I'm both more here AND more queer than I was yesterday so look out

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