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✨ New feature ✨

Scan a book's ISBN barcode from your device camera to find it on BookWyrm

@bookwyrm is scanning fully in the browser, using the available camera APIs? if so, that's cool! you don't really see this being used frequently for applications other than browser video conferencing.

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@ConfuSomu @bookwyrm we are using QuaggaJS to do the detection in browser using the camera API, yes!

Ugh. It seems like I cannot get the camera working in an Android Webview client (And yes, if I did not make any mistakes, I did all the permission stuff.). I am not sure whether that is an issue with QuaggaJS or with your implementation?

I have spent quite some hours...
@ConfuSomu @bookwyrm

@storydragon @ConfuSomu @bookwyrm I'm wondering if you can reproduce the issue on the quagga2 example page: --if so would be best to report a bug there I think. Though I imagine also reporting it on the bookwyrm issue tracker would be a good idea.

@storydragon @ConfuSomu @bookwyrm also, if this is for an Android app I also wonder if there is a way to do barcode scanning more natively. If you can find a way to scan the isbn as a number natively, all you'd need to do is pass that into the search API to get the same functionality as the website.

Well, it seems like the quagga2 example page works... So that makes it probable that the problem is with the implementation in Bookwyrm...

And yeah, I have been thinking about trying to find a way to do barcode scanning in another way, but I will have to search for that. So that will be another weekend.
It is probably possible, I 'just' have to try to see how to do it.

@storydragon @bookwyrm probably a way to fix it on our side, then. I'll need a lot more info about how it's failing though

Saturday I spent quite some hours on adding ISBN scanning to the app. After five hours or more I finally got it working. Though the appearance could probably be better.
Maybe I should try to see if I can detect the ISBN scan button on instances that have them, to be able to remove it to prevent confusion.
I basically used JavaScript to add a button at the top of the page, connected to a function within the app code, to scan for a barcode.

@storydragon Pretty neat! I'm wondering how this differs from making bookwyrm a Progressive Web App which might be useful (as a contributor rather than a project owner, I'm just spitballing here)

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