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pinning these :blobcatgiggle:

"My gender is a question, and you might just be the answer!" (@minervissa, [1])

"Disclaimer: these shitposts are NP-hard which means even I don't know what they mean or why my brain decided to arrange the words that way. Good luck!" (@minervissa, [2])

they're in the public domain [3]


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@minervissa i really want to pin these posts on my profile (guess i'll have to pin my reply as you can't pin other's posts)

(sorry for the double redraft, i should really reread myself before sending my reply)

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REAL inclusive language is using "everypony"

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The federal government has announced that the USPS program for free rapid tests will be ending on Friday Sept 2.

Anyone who hasn't placed their maximum number of orders needs to do so in the next 6 days.

Order your rapid home test kits here:



intel mobile data: it heats up your phone when you use it for a lot of data

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The number of people impacted by the floods in Pakistan right now is the size of a small country:

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the rare follow request that is "damn they seem cool ill follow back" and not "ehh they seem okay i guess ill aprove" or "oh no. its that corner of fedi again"

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im really hot in the sense that i know exactly how long to hold down backspace to remove the tracking parameters of various different website links

i played the splatoon 3 splatfest event and came to the conclusion that i'm trans,

like the character i made is very gender,,


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fun science fact: trans girls cannot be stopped!

why doesn't this work? i created an alias on my new account

also i'm moving to tootsite btw, should export my data from here and do the account migration stuff

i really want to contrib to VLC, i know exactly on what i want to work on

and still failed to build even if i specified --with-ffmpeg-tree=
looks like it's an unsupported option now? as it's not in ./configure --help

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this computer compiles things so quickly

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