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pinning these :blobcatgiggle:

"My gender is a question, and you might just be the answer!" (@minervissa, [1])

"Disclaimer: these shitposts are NP-hard which means even I don't know what they mean or why my brain decided to arrange the words that way. Good luck!" (@minervissa, [2])

they're in the public domain [3]


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@minervissa i really want to pin these posts on my profile (guess i'll have to pin my reply as you can't pin other's posts)

(sorry for the double redraft, i should really reread myself before sending my reply)

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REAL inclusive language is using "everypony"

the idea that "kid's media" doesn't have to be high-quality because "thryre just children!!!1!" is so asinine. young kids are capable of understanding systems of behavior and problem solving, which i think should justify more intelectually stimulating media.

I accidentally sucked an open bottle of lavender oil into my vacuum and I seem to have inadvertently created the world’s most powerful essential oil diffuser

see, if you're nonbinary and you don't have any fashion sense you can just say that whatever you're doing is on purpose.

'sign in to participate in the conversation'

*closes laptop, drops it down a well, walks into the forest, is free*

uspol, general depressing dystopian shit 

cant fucking believe that maybe a decade ago i thought "hmm, maybe it would be good to move to the US in future, living there seems better than ukraine"

now its like
*opens twitter/reddit*
"elderly man with cancer threatened by judge for not mowing his lawn!"
"abortions are no longer protected and are banned by many states!"
"democrat president plans to increase funding for police after protests against police brutality!"

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i have the portal 1 credit song stuck in my head

the ActivityPub successor 

ActivityPub 2: Outside™

did i play too much portal, everything i see is portal help

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