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REAL inclusive language is using "everypony"

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alternate timeline where archeologists never figured out how the Antikythera mechanism worked because the only written account they ever found in connection to it read, simply, "Newbie? Join our Discord and someone in our community will happily help you get up to speed..."

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linux but every few minutes you have to play a warioware minigame to continue without rebooting after an update

why use DuckDuckGo, if (it's french and seems to aim less technical users by trying to include more "mainstream" features) or startpage

i don't understand why my wlan networking speed between devices is around 700 kB/s

it should be way more as it's the local network

for comments just have a simple input box with username and comment and a send button which sends the html form to the server

my old website `@import`ed google fonts (yikes), used emojione instead of the fonts on the user's device and had disqus for comments

but, i at least had `<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">` and used html5 semantic elements

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according to all known laws of morbing, there is no way that a morbius should be able to morb. the morbius, of course, morbs anyway

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> uses terminal for writing text

is called hacker and asked "can you hack in X's account??"

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piracy is now only illegal if you dont seed

what if i made my website in Microsoft FrontPage

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website that doesn't work with js enabled or disabled

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Treating housing as a speculative asset is disgusting

← has to setup XMPP and OMEMO (but has a PGP key)

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