But the evidence is that I need to step away from the machine for a bit. See you all on the other side - Ciao for Now!

Oops - too quick on the command recall trigger. Sorry about that.

Home server now at Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS. Pausing to see what's broken before going on to 16.04.2 LTS.

Using phone. Delete some pics. Change mind, visit bin, restore 2. Empty bin. Rtn to folder, "restored" pics absent. Good job I have backups.

... and yes, I started by backing up all my data and config files. Twice, onto two different external drives.

Updating my elderly home server from Ubuntu 12 to Ubuntu 14. I wonder what will stop working?

And so to bed. Good night, oh unseen ones. Perhaps we shall reconnect once I've turned myself off and on again.

Wimbledon understatement of the year from the commentators: "We find ourselves wittering slightly ..."

A new entry in my bloggy thing : This Works to Cure My Hiccoughs : ift.tt/2tLJSbz

Updated my RSS feed with latest bloggy things - three in a rush. IFTTT should cross-post soon. Comments welcome - please be kind.

Stayed up *way* too late - desperate for sleep, early start tomorrow. Night all - see you on the other side.

I don't often share this sort of thing, don't often *click*, let alone watch it. But I'm glad I watched this:


Just to say to @FlashJangle that I'm still mulling over some of the thoughts from your session - thank you.

A new (to me) definition of the irrationals:

The set of all real numbers having different distances from all rational numbers.

I like it.

... him to support something that's genuinely not short term, not immediately profitable to big business, & good for us all in the long run.

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