Tfw you wonder if Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem might be a useful metaphor for wondering whether Identity (in the "person having a self" sense) is even a thing that *can* be accurately and precisely communicated in word form.

@Chroma You don't even need Gödel's to communicate that idea - fact is, no two people can have the exact same interpretation of certain words because thoughts cannot be precisely expressed in words. Interpersonal communication itself is a lossy protocol, including the use of language to express the vague nuances of identity.

@victoria That much is enough that there can exist things that cannot be expressed. That by itself doesn't say whether or not the brain is one of the things that can be expressed. (Which does seem obvious, but *why* does it seem obvious?) It seems like maybe, if it were simple enough that it could be expressed, it wouldn't have been complex enough to make the language to do the expressing. That was the part that felt a little more Gödel-y.

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