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I don't know how you could write a law (US) to break up Facebook, Twitter, Google Microsoft, and Amazon, but GodDAMN *something* has to be done to stop them from eating the whole world for breakfast

I can't believe it,
it’s Saturday! 🙌

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The year is 2021... but I kind of really want to buy a Wii U.

I promise I’m not insane.

There is a Fediverse version of SoundCloud, and it’s called FunkWhale! 🐳

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“She’s already sent out her first photo from Mars!”

**Please do not gender the robots**

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Normie reporter covering Perseverance landing: “It sounds like there’s a lot of math and numbers involved with landing on Mars!”

Yes lady, there’s a lot of “numbers involved” when it comes to space travel LMAO

We got a Helicopter on Mars

Big Pogs for MarsCopter

Hot Take: Verbs that are also nouns (or adjectives) should be spelled differently. 

for example:
"I live on Earth" vs "The event is live"

"Don't use the hammer" vs "The use of the copyrighted music is prohibited"

that stuff can get confusing. those types of words should be spelled differently from eachother

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Hey everyone, just a quick midweek reminder that the submissions period for #TalesFromTheFediverse Volume 5 is here! If you're a #writer or #artist and want to contribute stories and/or covers, DM me with your ideas, and we'll go from there!

And as always, boosts are appreciated!

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