My first Gundam model kit is arriving today!

AAAAH! Iโ€™m excited!! :D

I have no idea why youtube recommended for me, but it is glorious

Iโ€™ve watched this so many times in a row

โค๏ธ Charles Martinet

It's not "goodbye"

It's never "goodbye"

It's "I'll see you later" :]

Ooo I see you modded your GBC too! Nice! ๐Ÿคฉ

Iโ€™m planning on replacing the broken LR buttons on my childhood GBA SP, and Iโ€™m contemplating getting a replacement IPS LCD

Smash Ultimate DLC wishlist 

Getting angry at people is like using nuclear weapons:

The less often you do it, the scarier it becomes when you actually do

Christian :psyduck: relayed


Wow, what if Banksy really *is* in charge of
GTA 6: Dark Soles

Expired, ancient machines of stone and time: โ€œI could tell you what day it is, but only twice per year, on the summer and winter solstice.โ€

"This girl figured out how to fit more than 69 spaceships inside Dracula!

Doctor HATE her!!"

RIP, makers of โ€œCards Against Humanityโ€ 

Yo, Danny Fenton

He was just 14

When his parents built

A very strange machine

Was Dracula stabbed through the heart by a Bebop Cowboy, or just a regular cowboy?

Christian :psyduck: relayed

Anime Protag.: *something something the situation looks bad, something something*

Anime Protag.: โ€œBUT EVEN SO!!!โ€

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