Pyra/Mythra is the best character in Smash Ultimate, it's not even close 😞

what were you thinking, Sakurai

It's Pyra/Mythra Smash Day!
Sakurai's presentation starts in 72 minutes!

I like how Nintendo only let’s you report one person per day, and you’re only allowed to block a maximum of 100 people

For fuck’s sake, look at these usernames :[

I FINALLY beat Smash Ultimate’s WORLD OF LIGHT! 

Now I can change the fucking main menu music lol

Why the hell was that locked behind beating the story mode anyways :/

Solaire is going to be a Smash Bros DLC fighter.

I've been saying it since the beginning and it's DEFINITELY gonna happen.

It's disappointing that there are zero female players in the top 25 for Smash Ultimate.

I can't even name a professional female Smash player off the top of my head. :/

Solaire is going to be a Smash Bros DLC fighter.

I'm calling it right now.


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