Do you want to follow someone who makes really interesting posts, but you don't want to see their boosts?

You can mute people's boosts on Mastodon without muting their ordinary posts.

Log in through the website, go to a person's profile, click "..." and select "hide boosts from".

(To show boosts, do the same thing but select "show boosts".)

This only works for people you follow.

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I wish you could add people/accounts to lists without needing to follow them.

(For instance, there are several bots that I like, but I don’t necessarily want to see their posts in my home feed all the time)


I just had a look round the github about this, as the suggestion has come up before.

Apparently there are privacy concerns about this suggestion, that people could use lists to stalk someone etc.

There was an alternative suggestion that people could mute someone on the main timeline but not on the lists, I don't know if this is being implemented though.

If you use RSS, one workaround is to follow the account through RSS instead. This will only show its public posts however.

You can follow Mastodon accounts through RSS by going to their public profile page (click on their profile avatar to do this), then add ".rss" to the end of their public profile page URL.

For example you can follow FediTips through RSS at: On Misskey you can do that—add people to lists without following them. I actually prefer that because... sometimes I just want to see what someone posts without sending the "Heyyyyyyy, I'm following you nowwww, isn't that nice??" notification.

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