@Christian seriously I sometimes see small projects showing off prototypes in transparent plastic and going out of their way to assure everyone that's just for testing and the real thing will be nice and opaque only to be surprised when a bunch of their followers/forum members ask if they can keep it transparent instead.

Why is it so hard to understand that transparent is awesome?

@polychrome@cybre.space @Christian@cybre.space im sad that Fairhope stopped doing translucent cases - but I can understand their reasoning : cases broke to often ,that plastic is rather dependent on climate after all

@Christian I had a translucent purple GBC when I was a kid. I spilled a tiny drop of soda in it and it went next to the B button. I set it down and let it dry, and there is now a permanent soda blob next to the B button under the plastic.

Damn. Pour one out for your Gameb— actually on second thought, better not

@Christian personally I don't like translucent designs for electronics. They just look ugly to me. Or maybe i just didn't found one that suits me. However, I did love the transparent design of an escalator. Here's a pic:

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