WHEN is Mastodon going to let you set your post’s visibility to “Mutual Follows only”? (ie, people you follow and who also follow you).

I often want to post things that I don’t want every person who Follows me to see.

*** Is this a feature you want too? ***

@ademalsasa @Christian I never use the /private/ visibility, but if I had a use for that visibility level then i think your idea would be more useful than the current private.

@Christian I'd prefer if I could add users individually to a user group who gotta see the post. But I'd be already happy about your suggestion.

@Christian I voted for option 1 but my real answer is "this seems like it would be incredibly useful but probably not for me"

@Christian There's no technical barrier to this being possible. It's literally the same from an activitypub point of view as followers-only posts. Mastodon just needs to generate a collection that is the intersection of /following and /followers

So you're telling me that this wouldn't be particularly difficult to implement, if I understand you correctly?

@Christian right, and even if only one instance implements it, the other instances will understand what it wants to do

@charlag @Christian hello yes i am implementing this in GoToSocial :P It's a bit fiddly but it's fucking necessary

@dumpsterqueer @Christian my idea for kibou was to eventually have just arbitrary groups but uuuuh I am not sure whether posts will leak all over the place or not

@Christian I'd prefer a much more general access control system with different lists or "circles".
- It should be possible to specify for every toot which circles are allowed to see it for better toot privacy.
- It should be possible to follow other peoples circles so when an account is tooting about different stuff you can select what topics you're interested in and don't need to read the boring stuff.

“Mutual Follows" could be an automatic circle.

@Christian @balrogboogie is there an issue for this on github/forum thread? I'll boost it or whatever

@Christian yes that would be a great thing, even if I didn't use it much.

@Christian that plus "boost visibility to follows only" too (i.e : in the local timeline or on your profile's feed)

@Christian that and circles (posting to a selected subset of followers) are a thing we are interested in, but they're a nightmare in term of UX and protocol design

Sure, why not! We can already make "lists" of users, so it would make sense if you could set a post's visibility to "Only show to [Insert list name here]"

@Christian @Claire
fediverse project that does this already is hubzilla. Not sure how useful that is to the discussion, since their UI/UX differs a lot to mastodon.

@paulfree14 @Claire @ls

Is that what this section of the Hubzilla wiki is saying, that you can set the visibility of a post to "Mutual Followers Only"?

@Christian @Claire @ls
You can make it visible to any user group you please. Mutuals but also to any other specific group of people. That group could be your family. When you post something, you have the option to make the post only to your family visible.

@paulfree14 @Claire Knowing that Mastodon team is interested in circles (follower subsets) makes me very happy! 👾 💚 Been waiting for 4 years. Apart from Hubzilla, both Friendica and diaspora have this feature. In Friendica choosing post privacy option is "hidden" in a tab. In diaspora it's a dropdown, just like Mastodon's "toot privacy". Maybe Mastodon's post form can have a three-dot button - "advanced post options" - with a list of all user's contact groups (subsets)

@lightone @paulfree14 authoring a new toot is the easiest part of the UX, where most of the issues lie is receiving and replying:
- do you know you received a message because you are in a circle? if so, do you know who is in the circle?
- if you do not know who is in that circle, who do you reply to?
- if you reply only to the author and mentioned people, do they know they are the only recipients or do they assume you wrote to the other members of the circle too?
- if you give the original author the power to relay the reply, it then means you have no idea who can potentially see your reply

@Claire Tough decisions. In diaspora model the answers to your questions are: 1. No, recipients are hidden, one can guess from comments who else sees it (but not necessarily full list of recipients) 2. To post author 3. It's assumed everyone who sees the post can take part in the thread. Diaspora auto-notifies all post recipients of all new answers in the thread if they liked or commented on it (can be disabled). 4. The original author has all the power (forgive me if you already know all this:)

@Claire In such a model initial author "invites a group of people to a tea party". Guests may choose not to react/answer, or may become part of the "party" (discussion in the thread under initial post). Any discussion (fully public or limited view) can in theory be potentially viewed by undesired somebody, I'm not sure there's a silver bullet against it. But such model of circles allowes to use it for things like posting in different languages to subsets of users from different countries, etc.

@lightone yeah, i imagined Diaspora worked a bit like that (but i hadn't checked), however in Mastodon's case the experience isn't really structured around “posts and comments”, replies are conceptually the same kind of objects as the post they reply to and that makes all these issues much more messy

@Claire Yeah, this Mastodon concept of "replies are the same kind of objects independent from initial post" did give some hard times to Friendica and Hubzilla who interoperate both with diaspora and Mastodon (so different protocols, and different concepts :) Still, technically these issues can be overcome, so now I'll dare to hope Mastodon will have "circles" in the future too. Thank you for this hope! :)

@Christian this is something thats been talked about for maybe 3 years now but never happened because????

Yeah, exactly! This is feature I've wanted since *day 1* of me joining Mastodon, way back in 2017!

@Christian but we also need #Mastodon (and #Pleroma) to acknowledge moots and let us have an easy way to see why they are
@Christian Never is the likely answer, but one could easily write it on any of the masto or any of the masto compatible techs.

I'd be more likely to use it (and other "private" messaging options) if end-to-end encryption was involved.

@Christian @JarlavGrenlandUpir@mastodon.pirateparty Diaspora has this and it is called aspects. Would that make sense on mastodon?

@Christian another idea: separate the conceptions of "followers" (might work similar to how it works now) and "friends" (mutual only; approving friend request automatically creates a mutual connection; attempting to befriend someone automatically approves their friend request if there was one).

And allow to set post visibility to "friends only".

Plus add "friends" timeline in addition to "home" ("following") timeline.

@Christian Honestly, "people I follow can see this" would be good enough. And more useful to most people than the current "people who follow me." -_-

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