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I did the joy-cons on my switch in transparent "atomic purple" (which IIRC is what that kind of transparent plastic is called). Being able to see the inside of your electronics is cool as heck!


Heh. I have 2 of those devices. One is much, much more usable than the other.

(The bondi blue imac has a failed hard drive, and finding a replacement _and_ putting it into the device is ... well, not happening anytime soon. The Gamecube obviously still works (: )

If there's one piece of technology that will undoubtedly survive the coming apocalypse, it's the Nintendo GameCube鈩

@Christian I love my 10 pound metal bludgeon of a laptop. it has a shoulder strap, a second battery, and a touchscreen too. (not my picture, mine's more uglycore) #hardware

@Christian That always seems useful until you go and do it and then realize that you also have a bunch of cables and accessories to haul with it... I'd rather a case or carrying bag that can hold all if it.

IMO handles are especially nice on heavy / large electronics (desktop PCs, monitors, speakers, etc.). I don't think you'd need to have a specialized carrying-case for them, though you're right about the wires and other doodads.

@Christian You're right. There's a handful of desktops (mid-towers) with handles at the office I support and they're always nice and convenient to deal with when I need to swap them out and stuff.

Given the size of the latest phones, that's not a bad idea!

@Christian As you can see with indoor bike trainers, handles are premium features (looking at Kickr Core vs Kickr)

@Christian Imagine a see through blue plastic ipad with a handle on the back


@Christian [this thing]( had a handle, and from experience i do not recommend lugging one up three flights of stairs

@Christian The iMac had a handle, sure. But I doubt it could have been mire awkwardly placed. Heavy & awkward to move. My first laptop was one of those iBooks, I bought mine secondhand. Only after about six months did I realise the hinge incorporated a handle.

@Christian I used to have the HP Mini 100e (not my picture, mine didn't have an ad printed on the cover either). I absolutely loved the design, although the hardware was ass.


I am fascinated that there's an entire cottage industry devoted to putting handles on phones.

@Christian Remembering people who welded handles to the case of their desktop.

@Christian I notice they don't show somebody actually trying to carry the iMac...

@Christian gahh this is bringing back memories of school computer labs
i thought the old imac looked so sick

@Christian with how heavy PCs are, handles could be reeeeeaally helpful

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@Christian reminds me of very old army joke that an ex-serviceman told me when I said something about a heavy luggable. "in the army, by definition, anything with a handle is man-portable" (and showed me a photo of ancient grunt-proof steel-chassis radio rack, probably 100kg+ but with two thin handles, one on each side)

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