Well, everyone, this little pet project of mine has a name now: Tales From The Fediverse!
If you want to be a part of this anthology or help out in any way, shape, or form, reply or DM me!

If you don't think you can help, give us a boost!

@David_A_Webcomic @guephren
Is there going to be a webpage where we can go to check this out?

@Christian @guephren I don’t really have one...

I mean I may be able to make one, but I’m not sure if I can host a domain or not...

I’ll try my best!

@David_A_Webcomic @Christian @yncke @guephren

Happy to help. No problem setting up a page for you.

What do you have so far? And what do you want to achieve - so we can get things set up in the best way?

Also, do you plan on promoting this for Free Comic Book Day in May?

@libreture @Christian @yncke @guephren
All righty, right now I have seven writer/artists (myself included) claiming interest on this project. While I haven’t set a definite release date on this, part of me actually *wants* to release this on FCBD, I’ve been thinking about it for a bit, and this probably gives enough lead time to make what needs to be made and edit it into a coherent structure.

@libreture @Christian @yncke @guephren May 6th is not a hard date *yet*, but being three months out, it seems to be a good estimate.

In the way of content, I have a first issue WIP cover, a logo, and one page of my own contribution (it’s not a lot, but considering I announced this four days ago...)

Mind you, this will be a free comic. My plan is to urge people to either A. Support the writers/artists who took part in the anthology, or B...

@libreture @Christian @yncke @guephren ...a different charity each issue (assuming that we go beyond one issue, which is my personal hope).

@libreture @Christian @yncke @guephren I guess all in all, that’s kind of my end goal.

As a whole, the comic will most likely be a .pdf.

Whatever you can do to help I’ll gladly go with!

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