A year of Tumblr activity, before and after the removal of porn

@Christian for anyone with a screen reader:

the graph shows a slow decline in use over time, use spikes twice, with the removal from the app store and the announcement of removal of porn, by the time porn is removed the gradient has returned to the predicted norm (the shallow gradient from earlier) but after this point the use drops off a cliff by 54%

@Christian I wonder how much of this loss of traffic was anticipated by Verizon.
Someone pointed out that they most likely knew what they were doing and maybe this is more profitable to them because something something advertisers? Idk.

@grainloom @Christian Someone told me that they think Tumblr/Verizon/Apple are doing this so that they can expand into emerging markets i.e in Asia which have a less tolerant view of porn.

They could be hoping to make that loss up with new markets. Clearly the downward trend prior to the Apple and porn thing was cause of concern regardless and any drastic move would lose them users in the short term, changes like that often do.

But that's just a theory...

@ChrisWere @Christian either way, it's more users for the fediverse so far. if that truly is what they are going for, i hope a fediverse platform gets to those markets faster.

@ChrisWere @grainloom @Christian I just don't know what advantage tumblr has over, say, image boards to consumers. Basically it was being used as a hybrid of an image board with twitter-like content discovery for women and queer people, and it got preferred by those communities because it's hard to search outside of hashtags (so less harassment) and you can block people.

But sans porn, it's just a hard to search... something. I don't know who it's for, now.

@some_qualia @ChrisWere @grainloom @Christian hey please never put the words "sans" and "porn" together in a sentence again

@ChrisWere @grainloom @Christian Please don't generalize across all of Asia when you talk about porn. Some parts are incredibly conservative, yes; some parts are incredibly porn happy. Some parts have anti-porn laws that no one really enforces, and other parts do. ASIA IS VERY LARGE and contains a multitude of cultures, attitudes, and legal structures.

@irrealia @ChrisWere @grainloom
About 60% of all humans on Earth live in Asia, so yep, it's pretty dang :wide_l: :wide_a: :wide_r: :wide_g: :wide_e: and thus naturally it has more cultural diversity than you can shake a stick at

@grainloom @irrealia @ChrisWere

sorry about that:

About 60% of all humans on Earth live in Asia, so yep, it's pretty dang L A R G E and thus naturally it has more cultural diversity than you can shake a stick at

@Christian I wonder what their other stats look like. I'm guessing a similar trend.

@Christian I'm not a bit surprised. I'm hardly using it ever since the announcement.

@Christian I'm actually very interested in this uptick of activity right before the application was removed from the AppStore 🤔

@dgold @Christian media attention *before* the app was removed? About what? :thonking:

@polychrome @Christian there were news stories that search was broken while safe mode was turned off - lots of people didn’t know you could turn off the safe mode - for about two weeks before it was pulled from the App Store. My guess (based on no information whatsoever) kids looking for porn.

@polychrome @dgold @Christian it looks like that could possibly just be the typical random noise? Like a similar thing happens in late May/early June except it goes back down again

LB: Yup, that Y-axis is rooted at 0. Dang.

(deleted my tumblr since my main motivation was to use it to post R18 audio)

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