@Christian This is SO cool! How did you create this gif? (Shades of _Flatland_! :)


See this is why I like physicality as human because you can access higher dimensions than one or 2 or 3d, or 4d

Video description (in lieu of boost):

A hand moves a white plastic mesh back and forth through a plane of bright light so that a changing cross-section is highlighted. The cross section shows the outline of a person, walking. As the mesh is moved, it animates the walking figure.

@Christian Is this 3-D printed or something? It's cool as heck!

"Lemon" by U2, the video has some cinematic takes of men doing various captioned things in front of a grid.

The resemblance should be obvious for those who have watched the video 😉


@Christian now make the object a full circle and put it on a rotating motor;

You've now 3d printed a looping gif.

*Just technology sufficiently advanced so as to be indistinguishable from magic

For sure, but for me a common mortal, your trick is like magic 😊!

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