Exactly. It's not up to Nintendo to decide what is and is not canon anymore.

@Christian as if games for kids this different between one another in the series have any right to canon in the first place

[I'm not sure what you tried to say because of your typos]

@Christian there are no typos in that post however i understand you since english isnt my native language and im sleep deprived enough that the part of my brain responsible for it is running out of juice
@Christian If Bowsette isn't canon I don't know what is

Bowsette is just as canonical as Mario's goddamn mustache!

@Christian BOOOOOOOOOOOSETTE is still cannon though, right?

Bowsette is still canon where it matters most - in our hearts

@Christian well it would be un-nintendo likley to accepet her as canon..

but real talk.. the question "Canon or Non-Canon" is totally irrelevant, cause we love her anyway <3 XD
@Christian more like "Nintento officially shoots themselves in the foot".

> Fans come up with the wildest change that could happen to a licensed character, opening up the potential of thousands of new stories in a universe where the same things just happen over and over again

> Change becomes wildly popular in the fandom

Nintendo: nooo we can't have this!

@Christian Well that's how i feel about Disney and the Star Wars EU. Join the club of devastated hearts.

I've been a member of the Club of Devastated Hearts for a long time. We've got t-shirts

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