Crayola had a line of tech-themed crayons in 1997 called "Techno-Brite"

@Christian these should really be redone for accuracy. Infrared and Ultraviolet? Really? 430THz-300GHz and 800THz-30PHz respectively, which clearly isn't what the dang crayon is made of, because that would be invisible.

And then Megahertz Maroon? How friggin' many, assholes?

@Christian tag yourself i'm malformed url "www.purple"

@t54r4n1 @Christian They were just so ahead of time, that they knew .purple would become a TLD some day.

@pbandkate @Christian I am definitely double-u double-u double-u dot purple.

@Christian www.purple sounds like the domain name for a pleroma instance that everyone would block because the single user on it was wildly racist

@Christian those are some really good shades too, love me some neons

@Christian great, now i hate Crayola. i didn't think that was possible. at least they didn't come up with an "information superhighway" colour.

@Christian wow, prescient that on-line orange refers now to cheeto shit grandpa

@Christian you can really tell it's just, "the internet is New and Cool and let's name stuff after it!!!! www.purple! on-line orange!!!"

I love that "on-line" is hyphenated, like "e-mail" lol

@Christian the cowards at ICANN need to make .purple a TLD

I know... believe me, I checked :(

They don't even have .color or .hue
What the heck.

@Christian I love the point where they ran out of ideas and just said "Whatever,, sure."

@srol @Christian I would bet money that it was until they realized they were one short and it was almost lunchtime, and thus we received the majesty that is www.purple

Coming soon (I wish): crayons with hex codes instead of labels.

"Hey, can you pass me the ?"

"Just a sec, I'm still using it."

>I don't even...

If you don't even, I hope you at least odd. Otherwise, something is very irrational here.

@Christian Yes, something is oddly irrational here. It might even be imaginary.

@Christian www.purple

These can be real domain names with the vanity TLDs

@Christian Uhh… ultraviolet is at the wrong end of the spectrum!? 😱​
This is some kind of matter/anti-matter thing, isn't it!? 😥​

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