They should have sent... a poet

(taken in IRAS 19581+0135) @loki

Here's a super-high resolution version if anybody is interested

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Betelgeuse! Betelgeuse! Betelgeuse!

*Betelgeuse appears on Earth, instantly incinerating the whole planet*

@Christian I really loved taking this shot. I achieved it by using nvidia surround to stretch the game seamlessly across three 1080p monitors.
It caused me so much lag but to get that shot it was so worth it.

@loki IIRC, the game used to crank up the settings to max when you took a screenshot, but now it seems to just use whatever settings you're already using. Playing at like 20FPS for a couple minutes is worth it to get those beauty-shots, though

@Christian it would only do that for hi-res screenshots!
But it wouldn't change the aspect ratio of the image, so if you were playing at 1920x1080 then you'd get a 7680x4320 hi-res image!

Using this method I went from 5760x1080 to a 23040x4320 hi-res image (you can view that here:

@loki for some reason I couldn't increase my resolution beyond 4K, which is the normal resolution I play at. Is there a trick to getting super-resolution?

@Christian I couldn't get my resolution past those of my screens at all, outside of the scaling used for hi-res shots.

I was able to get such a wide resolution by using Nvidia surround, which takes three screens and uses combines them to be treated as one really wide screen

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